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  1. Our New West

    • ASIN: 1103730266
  2. Tales from the Canyons of the Damned (34 Book Series)

    From Book 1: Nominated in the P & E Readers' Poll for Best Fiction e-zine published in 2016! This edition of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned consists of three sharp, suspenseful, thought provoking short stories. They are a homage to Lovecraft, Ligotti, and King and should be read with a coffee, beer, or a glass of wine - and the light on. In this edition Jed McGuire, a third generation SANDHOG mining the bowels of the city, revives from a disaster to discover that he and his team are not alone. A glass tower dweller laments his day stranded in his PENTHOUSE, and a midwestern housewife discovers that the city and the HARBOR aren't all that she thought they'd be. Dark Sci Fi Slipstream Tales like you've never read before.

  3. Pride

    • Brand: Universum Film GmbH
    • ASIN: B00OVRTY46
    • UPC: 888750375292
  4. A North-South Mind in an East-West World: Chester Bowles and the Making of United States Cold War Foreign Policy, 1951-1969 (Contributions to the Study of World History Book 110) (English Edition)

    How did a top American diplomat's contrarian views on U.S. Cold War foreign policy remain largely ignored over the course of four administrations? Dauer provides an in-depth analysis of the role of dissent in the formulation of American foreign policy in his examination of the diplomatic career of Chester Bowles, Under Secretary of State during the Kennedy Administration and two-time Ambassador to India. Based on extensive research in Bowles's personal papers, the National Archives, and presidential libraries, the book evaluates Bowles's views and why the foreign policy establishment largely disregarded them.Based on the private papers of Chester Bowles, as well as government sources, this book examines the worldview of Chester Bowles, a businessman, governor, congressman, and ambassador who participated in the making of U.S. Cold War foreign policy for nearly two decades. After acquiring a personal during the Great Depression and entering public service for one reform term as governor of Connecticut, Bowles became President Harry Truman's ambassador to India from 1951 to 1953. Named by President John F. Kennedy to be under secretary of state in December 1960, he subsequently sought to moderate the hard-line Cold War positions of the presidential administrations he served. He opp...

    • ASIN: B001MS6SKK
  5. Wish I Knew

    • ASIN: B002IJ3EV8
  6. The Circular Valley (Penguin Modern Classics) (English Edition)

    In the Circular Valley lives a spirit, a mute presence: Atlajala. Thirsting for sensation, this spirit enters a moth, a panther, an eel, and feels what they feel - the cool darkness of water, the pleasure of a kill. Centuries old and indifferent to time, it enters man and discovers obsession for the first time. Yearning to be incarnate as man, it enters priests, soldiers and bandits. When an adulterous couple arrives in the valley, it slips into a woman. Finally, it feels complete. But as it possesses her, she grows restless and extreme, and her affair takes a darker, more sinister turn.

    • ASIN: B00KXIB98Q
  7. Die Pute von Panem - The Starving Games

    • Brand: VARIOUS
    • ASIN: B00HG7Y3R6
    • UPC: 888430040298
  8. Across the Continent: A Summer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific States, with Speaker Colfax (1865) (English Edition)

    This book comes from the pen, press, and bindery of the Springfield (Mass.) Republican. Compelled to seek relief from office confinement and twinges of sciatica, Mr. Bowles made the overland trip to San Francisco during the summer of 1865. The book is made up of the letters which Mr. Bowles addressed to the republican from different points along the route. Thirty-two letters are given, taking the reader from Chicago to Utah and the silver mines of Nevada, to Oregon, and up the Columbia River to Washington Territory, and San Francisco to the Yo Semite, and home by the Isthmus. It seems hardly possible for one traveling so constantly as was Mr. Bowles to find opportunity for the writing of such finished and interesting letters. No one but an expert at newspaper work could have accomplished it. We consider the letters the most sensible and practical, and hence the most valuable, that have been written concerning our western expanse and treasures. The descriptions of the Mormons and life at Salt Lake are especially interesting. The entire volume is readable, reminding one not a little of Walter Colton's books upon California life.The party consisted of six persons—Speaker Colfax and Lieut.-Governor Bross, of Illinois, being of the number, together with Mr. George K. Otis, of New Y...

    • ASIN: B013Z2858S
  9. Seattle Recreational Marijuana Travel Cannabis Vacation Guide 2018 (English Edition)

    Seattle rivals Humboldt California and Amsterdam in terms of quality and convenience of cannabis stories. Planning a vacation or live near Seattle? Ever wonder where the best legal weed stores are in your neighborhood? We explain what makes each store unique. We began in Sodo, the neighborhood where Seattle's first pot shop opened, but we also ventured into every other nook and cranny of the city, and even a few places just outside the city, like the Eastside. There is no other recreational marijuana travel guide like this out there.As a bonus we even include a brief chapter with a few 420 friendly hotels and B&B's.

    • ASIN: B06XGRM2C6
  10. Where on Earth: A Guide to Specialty Nurseries and Gardens in California (English Edition)

    The statewide gardening guide—in a revised and updated fifth editionEver since its initial publication in 1993, this guide to California’s specialty plant nurseries has been an invaluable tool for gardeners and landscapers, and it is now available in an expanded and completely revised edition. Organized by geographic region, each listing provides essential information, including address, contact information, hours, plant offerings, and a detailed description of the facility and its owners. In addition to featuring specialty nurseries, Where on Earth catalogs notable garden centers, plant societies, education programs, and horticultural attractions throughout the state, as well as mail-order sources for bulbs, seeds, and rhizomes. The coauthors also include twelve essays, one for each region, that address that area’s special features and gardening concerns. Whether you’re searching for antique roses on the foggy North Coast, water-wise succulents and native shrubs around Los Angeles, or a palm doctor for your sickly cycads in the Central Valley, this book gives current, detailed advice for plant lovers to see, shop, and savor.

    • ASIN: B0787N8QFN

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West Bowles TOP VIDEO

All-Stars Club // West Bowles March 2019

West Bowles

Music Credit: Rocky Road to Dublin (Instrumental Version) The All-Stars Club, St. Patrick's edition at West Bowles Community Church. March of 2019.

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Tags: special needs,developmental disabilities,ministry,volunteering,volunteer

All-Stars Club // West Bowles May 2019

West Bowles

Music Credit - Run Wild by River Valley Youth

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Tags: special needs,disabilities,volunteer,volunteerism,ministry,christianity,serving,love,down syndrom...

All Stars Club // July 2018 at West Bowles Church

West Bowles

This is a monthly, faith-based, respite program for families and caretakers with children who have special needs. We welcome you to bring your children for a night of pure fun which will include adaptive sports activities, arts & crafts, karaoke, gluten-free snacks, and some of the best volunteer...

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All-Stars Club // West Bowles April 2019

West Bowles

Music Credit - Every Good Thing by The Afters

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All-Stars Club // Oct 2018 at West Bowles Community Church

West Bowles

We have way too much fun at our monthly All-Stars Club! Check out this highlight video from Oct 26th at West Bowles Community Church. Sports, karaoke, dancing, and worship!

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Tags: special needs,disabilities,down syndrome,autism,cerebral palsy,ministry,respite
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