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  1. Waterford Crystal: The Creation of a Global Brand (English Edition)

    Waterford Crystal is the first ever fully illustrated history of Ireland’s most iconic cut-glass manufacturer, its name synonymous with high-end glassmaking throughout the world.Former Waterford glass cutter and local historian John Hearne explores how the art of glassmaking first arrived in Waterford at the turn of the sixteenth century. Hearne reveals how Waterford Crystal developed as a brand under the guidance of skilled artisans and shrewd business leaders with an eye for ingenuity. Waterford developed a global reputation for quality glass and crystalware that was rocked and buoyed by events that span centuries, including the American Revolutionary war, the World Fair in London, World War Two and the attacks of 9/11.A testament to innovations in design and brilliant marketing strategy, Waterford Crystal also examines the brand’s failures – dubious accountancy practices that led to a long and bitter strike in 1990; the avarice and self-aggrandisement that ultimately led to the company’s demise in 2009.Preserving the memory and legacy of Waterford Crystal for future generations of glassmaking, Hearne pays tribute to some of the finest artisans Ireland has ever produced, whose passionate devotion prefigured inspired works of art – turning basic ingredients, sand and a...

    • ASIN: B07K2LR5TL
  2. Waterford Crystal Alana Price Guide (English Edition)

    Need to know what your Waterford Crystal Alana pattern is worth?James Connolly, Waterford Crystal Master Appraiser has put togethera listing in this eBook of the Alana Suite, with current market value of all your Alana pieces and designs. From the Alana Water Goblet to the Alana Decanter to the Alana Large Vase and everything in between, you can now know what your Alana pattern piece is worth. Each piece is individually priced so you know what to buy it for, what to sell it for, or what to insure it for. No more guessing! No more charges for appraisals. You will know what your Waterford Crystal Alana set is worth in today's market.

    • ASIN: B008YMIE4U
  3. Marquis By Waterford Vintage Iced Beverage Gläser, Set von 4 Flöte 5.75-Oz. farblos

    · So funkelnd und edel, sie feiern dieses umwerfende Satz von vier Flöten mit einem Vintage Toast.Seit mehr als 200 Jahren, Waterford hat außergewöhnliche Kristall auf der ganzen Welt bewundert. Im Jahr 1991 und Marquis Waterford United einfacher, moderne Formen der gleichen Qualität und Schönheit zu schaffen. Der Waterford Marquis Vintage Collection bietet klassische Formen, bei gleichzeitiger Gewährleistung eine moderne und legere Atmosphäre, die für jeden Anlass genutzt werden kann.Dieses Set von vier 5-3/4-ounce Marquis Vintage Champagner Flöten stehen je 22,9 cm hoch und sind das ideale Glas für einen Urlaub oder Feiern Toast. Mit einer langen, schlanken Schüssel, dieses Set ist speziell mit, um die langsame Aufstieg der Blasen, wie Sie schweben auf der Felge, die Förderung erhöhte Effervescence und Verlängerung der kühlen Temperatur auf die Champagner und Schaumweine Geschmack am besten.Waterford empfiehlt waschen von Hand alle feinem Kristallglas in mäßig heißem Wasser mit einer Mischung aus mildem Zitrone Spülmittel und Ammoniak um, um die Qualität und Brillanz des Kristalls für viele Jahre. In hinaus immer Kristall Stemware aufrecht lagern, um Chipping zu verhindern. - -lea werbel

    • Color: Farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B0000B1ZEV
    • UPC: 882414173286
  4. Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Champagnerglas (Paar)

    Die revolutionäre Lismore Muster mit einem frischen, schlanker Form, aufregend für alle, von einer Braut auf der Wein-. Mit eine leichtere doppelwandig und übergroßen Schale, begleitet von einem dünner Stamm, Lismore Essence ist exquisit und Statuesque.

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B001HL0FM4
    • UPC: 899967179313
  5. Waterford Crystal Air Bubbles (English Edition)

    This brief Waterford Crystal Report was compiled by James Connolly, Waterford Crystal Master Appraiser. James has over 20 years experience with Waterford Crystal Ireland and has personally worked with many of the Cutters, Engravers and Blowers of Waterford Crystal. This brief eBook Report will explain the formation of air bubbles in Waterford Crystal, how they come to be and what effect, if any, it has on YOUR Waterford Crystal.

    • ASIN: B00644BPQ4
  6. Waterford Lismore quadratisch Ringholder

    Die ersten Lismore, gegründet 1950 Mirek Havel, won-over drei Generationen von Sammler. Muster Einfachheit der Stil bleibt frisch und ausgeglichen über 50 Jahre nach seiner Einführung. Beloved von drei Generationen von Sammlern Waterford Lismore ist in der Tat, ein Klassiker. Das Lismore Square Ringholder ist toll als Ergänzung für jeden Schminktisch.

    • Color: Farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000EUD5FI
    • UPC: 024258385177
  7. Waterford Crystal Pattern Identification Guide (English Edition)

    Do you need to find out what your Waterford Crystal Pattern name is? The following eBook was compiled by Waterford Crystal expert/ former craftsman James Connolly and shows pictures of over 90 Waterford Crystal Patterns in a stemware suite that Waterford Crystal Ireland produced from the 1940s onwards.Did you know that these old patterns and designs, named mostly after "Irish Girl's Names" and "Towns in Ireland", with help you identify your Waterford Crystal pattern? Pictures of the following patterns are covered with a brief description and year of manufacture of each design. The "name" and "year" of patterns are highlighted in bold text for ease of use. Waterford Crystal Patterns Included In This eBook:Abbington, Adare, Alana, Araglin, Araglin Gold, Ardree, Ashbourne, Ashleigh, Ashling, Aurora,Avoca, Ballet Blossom, Ballylee, Ballymore, Ballyshannon, Baltray, Boyne, Cara, Cardiffe, Carina, Carina Gold, Carlow, Cashel, Castlemaine, Castlemaine Gold, Castletow, Charlemont, Clara, Clare, Claredon, Clarion, Clodagh, Colleen, Colleen Tall, Comeragh,Crosshaven, Curraghmore, Donegal, Drogheda, Dungarvan, Dunloe, Dunmore, Eileen, Elberon, Galtee, Giselle, Glandore, Glencairn, Glencree, Glengarriff, Glenmore, Hibernia, Innisfail, Kathleen, Kelsey Platinum, Kenmare, Kerry, Kilbarry, Kilc...

    • ASIN: B008D2E6S4
  8. Waterford 2017 Miniature Star Crystal Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration Mini

    . Mini Star Ornament. Dated 2017. Made from crystal. Approximately 2.5 inches tall (6cm). Includes original manufacturers box and packaging. Made by Waterford. For elegant ornaments that compliment any decor, look no further than the Waterford Crystal Ornament Collection. This Mini Star crystal ornament brings understated charm to the tree.

    • Color: Farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B071GPB4HD
    • UPC: 701587309578
  9. Waterford Crystal - Do I Have a Waterford Crystal Rogue Piece (English Edition)

    This eBook/Report was written by James Connolly, Waterford Crystal Master Appraiser. It will explain what a Waterford Crystal "Rogue" Piece is (a non production piece) and will also give you a fair idea if you may have one and what you should do.

    • ASIN: B0068QXFHK
  10. Waterford Crystal Lismore Price Guide (English Edition)

    Waterford Crystal Master Appraiser James Connolly, brings you the most popular of all Waterford Crystal patterns price guide, the Lismore pattern.This eBook has a full listing of the Waterford Crystal "Lismore" prices with a description and the Current Market Value of what your Lismore is worth today. In table format, from the Waterford Goblet to the Chandelier, and everything in between, the sizes are in inches and Current Market Value rounded off to nearest zero. If you need to know what your Waterford Lismore is valued at, or intend on purchasing some Waterford Crystal Lismore, then this is a must have guide.Careful research and market analysis were performed in this table guide to determine price and valuation of your Lismore Waterford Crystal. The appraisal prices quoted are for pieces that are in good condition with no chips or blemishes as of October 2011. For pieces with chips or blemishes, take approximately one third off these quoted appraisal prices.

    • ASIN: B00613T88K
  11. Waterford Crystal - Irish Brilliance (English Edition)

    Waterford Crystal – Irish Brilliance is the about the world’s best known lead crystal maker and the first complete collector’s guide ever printed about their magnificent lead crystal pieces. The history section covers Waterford Crystal from 1783 until its bankruptcy in 2009 and includes how the lead crystal is made. The collector’s sections feature most of the suites (patterns/designs) made in Ireland. Included are 101 suites along with detailed drawings that show each Suite’s distinct pattern, history of their name, and date when the Suite was first released. Also illustrated by photographs are specialty pieces such as trophies, paperweights, sculptures and many spectacular “one of a kind” examples. Price estimates for some pieces based on their value at the time of the book’s publication are included. The Appendix contains details such as names of stemware parts, individual cut terms along with illustrations and photographs of each cut. The Quick Identification Guide will help anyone wanting to identify a piece they come across but do not know the name. The author is the best selling author, Sharma Krauskopf. Sharma’s vast knowledge about Ireland was gathered by many trips to Ireland including the home of Waterford Crystal. Those experiences combined with the ...

    • ASIN: B004GEAZSI
  12. Waterford 2018 Annual Red Ruby Ball Crystal Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration

    . Ruby Ball Ornament. Dated 2018. Made from crystal. Approximately 3.2 inches tall (8cm). Includes original manufacturers box and packaging. Made by Waterford. Celebrate Irish heritage with this Ruby Ball Ornament. Featuring a variety of striking cuts and unsurpassed clarity, this ornament truly makes a statement. Stylishly strung with a satin Waterford Lighting Up The Season ribbon accented with a diamond shaped glass bead and silver dated hang tag, this ornament is presented in classic Waterford packaging with a decorative festive sleeve, perfect for gifting.

    • Color: Rot
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B07BRXWV4N
    • UPC: 701587387927
  13. Waterford Kelsey Iced Beverage Glass by Waterford Crystal

    Zeitlos und formelle Anlässe, das Kelsey Kollektion von Waterford ist gekennzeichnet durch eine einfache demi-lune Form, hervorgehoben durch eine offene Diamant schneidet Streifen und geschmückt mit einem Keil. Ideal zum Trinken Wasser oder Eistee, KELSEY Goblet ist ein gutes Beispiel der Waterford Reiches Erbe der Design Inspiration. Kombinieren Sie die Viertelschalen-Ammoniak Zitrone mit einem milden Reinigungsmittel. Auf einem Gestell in sauberem Wasser abspülen und an der Luft trocknen lassen. Vasen und Karaffen indem Sie half-full mit mäßig heißem Wasser, eine kleine Menge milde Reinigungsmittel, zwei Esslöffel Essig oder Ammoniak und 1/2 Tasse uncooked Reis. Swirl den Reis für einige Minuten um Rückstände zu entfernen.

    • Color: Farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000HAJR2U
    • UPC: 024258191341
  14. Waterford Crystal 2012 Snowflake Wishes for Courage Flute, 2nd Edition

    Snowflake Wünsche Courage Flöte

    • Brand: Waterford Crystal
    • ASIN: B0088IBXFW
    • UPC: 024258510159
  15. Waterford 2017 Christmas Tree Crystal Hanging Ornament Holiday Decoration New

    . Christmas Tree Ornament. Dated 2017. Made from crystal. Approximately 4.3 inches tall (11cm). Includes original manufacturers box and packaging. Made by Waterford. For elegant ornaments that compliment any decor, look no further than the Waterford Crystal Ornament Collection. A festive addition to your tree is the elegant Christmas Tree ornament.

    • Color: farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B072KHVQG8
    • UPC: 701587309752
  16. Waterford Round Ring Holder

    Die runde Ring Holer hat einen Starburst Schnitt an der Unterseite, das durch THT ecrystal schöner Effekt. Auf der Außenseite sind gerade Schnitte, dass hinzufügen Textur und eine wunderschöne Designs, die in der Blüte. Dieser Ring ist ein tolles Stück für jeden Schminktisch, um wertvolle oder kleine Stücke von Schmuck.

    • Color: Clear Crystal
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B00015CEL2
    • UPC: 885652832731
  17. Waterford Crystal Lismore Nouveau Wine by Waterford

    Diese neueste Gruppe von Stielgläsern zeichnet die Signatur Lismore Teilstücke auf anmutige ziehen Vorbau mit schönen öffnen-Diamanten und Keil Schnitte.

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000HALO30
    • UPC: 024258380905
  18. Waterford Crystal Siren White Wine by Waterford

    Definiert Linien schlicht und trotzdem sinnlich, die minimalistischen schneiden Stil verwendet, um die Sirene Muster schafft ein paar Elongated Keile zu empfehlen die hypnotische Bewegung des Wassers und Wellen. Mit seinen anmutigen Bewegung und harmonische Linien, die Sirene Kristall Muster ist elegant und, die Produkte sind eine wunderbare Ergänzung zu den Ballet Collection Porzellan und Kristall, sowie alle Muster.

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000BVM2G8
    • UPC: 024258381049
  19. Waterford 2018 Annual Angel Playing Harp Crystal Christmas Tree Ornament New

    . Angel Ornament. Dated 2018. Made from crystal. Approximately 10.4 inches tall (26cm). Includes original manufacturers box and packaging. Made by Waterford. Intricately crafted in immaculate detail, this Angel Ornament adds an elegant touch to your holiday display. This harp-playing festive angel is beautifully strung with a satin Waterford Lighting Up The Season ribbon accented with a diamond shaped glass bead and silver dated hang tag. Presented in classic Waterford packaging with a decorative festive sleeve, perfect for gifting.

    • Color: Transparent
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B07BS1YRSM
    • UPC: 701587381109
  20. Daily Lady Personalisierbare Keramik-Weihnachtsdekoration für Lehrer, rund

    Weihnachts-Schneeflocken-Ornament ist ideal für Urlaubsdekoration. Es wird Ihnen eine schöne Erinnerung an die Familie geben. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Druckanforderungen haben, hinterlassen Sie bitte innerhalb von 24 Stunden, nachdem Sie die Bestellung abgeschlossen haben. Wenn nicht, senden wir es in Originalform. Danke!

    • Brand: Daily Lady
    • ASIN: B0196ETBUU
    • UPC: 069143013223
  21. Waterford 'Colleen Encore' Lead Crystal Champagne Flute - White

    Waterford Crystal Colleen Encore Flöte die sehr fein gezeichnetes Colleen Muster spiegelt sich in eine neue Kollektion namens Colleen Encore. Ein min-stay für Waterford Anhänger die kunstvoll Design bringt die neue Stemware mit wundervollen Texturen und Formen zum Leben. Die Kollektion Kurven verführerisch an der Spitze. Für einen Wochentag, Abendessen oder ein elegantes Abendessen Party dieses Stemware macht jedes Getränk schmeckt besser, als es hat nie zuvor.

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000HAIB6I
    • UPC: 024258372696
  22. Waterford 'Ballet Ribbon Essence' Lead Crystal Champagne Flute - White

    The Ballet Ribbon pattern owes its contemporary look to a fanciful interpretation of silk and satin ribbons which caress a dancer's costume and precious pointe shoes;Like the time-honored techniques of classical ballet, Ballet Ribbon couples the purity and harmony of design with grace and elegance;Waterford is now using a new technology in production of these items and they are dishwasher safe

    • Color: Farblos
    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000Q5QSWI
    • UPC: 024258416635
  23. Waterford Lismore Essence Stielglas - 240 ml Flöte

    Produkt descriptionfluted Champagner in der Lismore Essence Muster by. Schneiden, glatte Stem, kein Trimmen 10 3/4

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000M4W0QG
    • UPC: 024258414280
  24. Ballet Ribbon Essence Crystal 410ml White Wine Glass

    Produkt der DescriptionPart Ballett-Kollektion, Motiv "Ballerina", "verdankt seine eine moderne Optik Fantasievoll Auslegung von Seide und Satin-Schleifen, die caress a dancer versilbert Gravur" Grandma "s costume und wertvollen pointe Schuhe; wie die althergebrachte Verfahren der klassischen Ballerinas, diese passen Paare, die Harmonie und Reinheit von design, Anmut und Eleganz.

    • Brand: Waterford
    • ASIN: B000Q5TTHO
    • UPC: 024258416628

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