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  1. Gibt es alles oder nichts?: Eine philosophische Detektivgeschichte

    Es ist die schwierigste und zugleich faszinierendste Frage aller Zeiten: Warum gibt es unser Universum? Weshalb ist es entstanden? Wieso existieren Materie und Bewusstsein, Raum und Zeit? Lässt sich überhaupt eine Antwort finden – oder ist das nur der Traum eines verrückten Philosophen?Jim Holt hat sich auf die Suche nach einer Lösung gemacht. Wie ein Detektiv geht er Spuren nach, spekuliert, kombiniert, experimentiert und sucht wichtige Zeugen auf: Physiker, Theologen, Philosophen und nicht zuletzt John Updike. Am Ende seiner spannenden Erkundung steht die Frage nach unserem eigenen Platz im Universum, nach unserer Existenz und unserer Endlichkeit.

    • ASIN: B00HL8NL4Q
  2. Is There a God?

    Rare Book

    • ASIN: 019958043X
  3. Der Untergang von Troja

    • Brand: Warner Home Video - Dvd
    • ASIN: B000207MZE
  4. Everything Explained That Is Explainable: On the Creation of the Encyclopaedia Britannica's Celebrated Eleventh Edition, 1910-1911 (English Edition)

    Everything Explained That Is Explainable is the audacious, utterly improbable story of the publication of the Eleventh Edition of the legendary Encyclopædia Britannica. It is the tale of a young American entrepreneur who rescued a dying publication with the help of a floundering newspaper, and in so doing produced a series of books that forever changed the face of publishing. Thanks to the efforts of 1,500 contributors, among them a young staff of university graduates as well as some of the most distinguished names of the day, the Eleventh Edition combined scholarship and readability in a way no previous encyclopedia had (or ever has again). Denis Boyles’s work of cultural history pulls back the curtain on the 44-million-word testament to the age of reason that has profoundly shaped the way we see the world.

    • ASIN: B015VACHC2
  5. Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon (Burton & Swinburne, Band 3)

    Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon -

    • ASIN: 1907777695
  6. Cabin of the Damned - Die Dämonen sind los

    Die Rocksängerin Oscar hat es nicht einfach: Zuerst wird sie aus der Band geworfen und dann verlässt sie auch noch ihr Freund. Um auf andere Gedanken zu kommen lässt sie sich von ihrer besten Freundin zu einem Wochenende mit Freunden in einer einsamen Waldhütte überreden. Aber dummerweise werden die Wälder von grausamen Dämonen heimgesucht, die menschliches Blut für ein satanisches Ritual benötigen, bei dem der Teufel höchstpersönlich wieder erweckt werden soll. Als ihre Freunde von den finsteren Mächten besessen werden, muss Oscar einen Kampf auf Leben und Tod mit der teuflischen Brut führen. Eisern kämpft sie gegen sämtliche Ausgeburten der Hölle, darunter auch ein dämonischen Einhorn, bis sie schließlich dem Herrn der Finsternis persönlich gegenüber steht ...Durchgeknallte und blutige Horror-Komödie mit jeder Menge handgemachter Effekte. Eine liebenswerte Hommage an die frühen Horror-Schocker - "Evil Dead" trifft "Troma". Bonusmaterial:What In Tarnation; Blood Days; Originaltrailer;

    • ASIN: B07CF6X8SZ
  7. Clothed Figures (Drawing Masterclass)

    There are two parts to drawing a clothed figure successfully: the figure and the clothes.. Get either wrong and the result looks at best unconvincing, at worst a mess..In this wonderfully varied and comprehensive guide, Lucy explains and illustrates figures both young and old and in a variety of costumes.. She also looks at important features such as hands and feet and how they both affect and are affected by the folds and constraints of different types of clothing.. The position and poses of the body will influence how clothes fall and they, at the same time, will affect the ways in which it all comes to rest.. In all cases, both the pose and the fall of the cloth need to be reproduced accurately for a successful result and Lucy explains clearly how all this fits together.. As well as static poses, Lucy also looks at movement and demonstrates ways to represent this in the single dimension of a drawing..Although this is not a primer in figure drawing, Lucy's explanations are always clear and generously illustrated..If you want to take your work to new levels, this book will help you immeasurably..Book: Search Press.. 96 Pages.. Paperback.. Black & White Throughout..

    • Brand: Unbekannt
    • ASIN: 1782210792
  8. Turtle Tide: The Ways of Sea Turtles

    Turtle Tide A mother turtle swims to shore. She digs a hole in a dune where she lays one hundred eggs. Following her instinct, she covers the eggs with sand and slowly makes her way back to sea. What happens next, from eggs to hatchlings, is one of the most extraordinary occurrences in nature. For the eggs provide food for other animals, and the eggs that survive produce hatchlings that, again, provide food f Full description

    • ASIN: 1590788273
  9. Neuroscience and the Soul: The Human Person in Philosophy, Science, and Theology (English Edition)

    An interdisciplinary look at arguments both for and against traditional belief in the soul It is a widely held belief that human beings are both body and soul, that our immaterial soul is distinct from our material body. But that traditional idea has been seriously questioned by much recent research in the brain sciences. In Neuroscience and the Soul fourteen distinguished scholars grapple with current debates about the existence and nature of the soul. Featuring a dialogical format, the book presents state-of-the-art work by leading philosophers and theologians—some arguing for the existence of the soul, others arguing against it—and then puts those scholars into conversation with critics of their views. Bringing philosophy, theology, and science together in this way brings to light new perspectives and advances the ongoing debate over body and soul.CONTRIBUTORS: Robin Collins John W. Cooper Kevin Corcoran Stewart Goetz William Hasker Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen Eric LaRock Brian Lugioyo J. P. Moreland Timothy O'Connor Jason D. Runyan Kevin Sharpe Daniel Speak Richard Swinburne  

    • ASIN: B079NNRX61
  10. Are We Bodies or Souls? (English Edition)

    What are humans? What makes us who we are?Many think that we are just complicated machines, or animals that are different from machines only by being conscious. In Are We Bodies or Souls? Richard Swinburne comes to the defence of the soul and presents new philosophical arguments that are supported by modern neuroscience. When scientific advances enable neuroscientists to transplant a part of brain into a new body, he reasons, no matter how much we can find out about their brain activity or conscious experiences we will neverknow whether the resulting person is the same as before or somebody entirely new. Swinburne thus argues that we are immaterial souls sustained in existence by our brains. Sensations, thoughts, and intentions are conscious events in our souls that cause events in our brains. While scientists might discover someof the laws of nature that determine conscious events and brain events, each person's soul is an individual thing and this is what ultimately makes us who we are.

    • ASIN: B07SZJ7331
  11. Kick the Bucket and Swing the Cat: The Complete Balderdash & Piffle Collection of English Words, and Their Curious Origins

    "Kick the Bucket and Swing the Cat" takes a humorous tour through the fascinating, sometimes tragic, and often surprising history of the English language and its etymology. Author, humorist and word-sleuth Alex Games uncovers the trends, innovations and scandals that have shaped the meanings of our most popular words and expressions, from Chaucer to Internet jargon and Ancient Greek to American slang. Who was the original Jack the Lad, Gordon Bennett or Bloody Mary? Where do dodgy geezers and hooligans come from? What are skeldering, dithering and sabre-rattling? This amusing but rigorously researched account of English words and their origins combines the findings of the major BBC TV series and the nationwide Wordhunt, and is an entertaining treasure trove for English-language lovers everywhere.

    • ASIN: 1846076102
  12. Poetry Classics: Swinburne

    Swinburne was born in 1836 and educated at Balliol, Oxford. He associated with the pre-Raphaelites, sharing a house with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and writing his most celebrated works. He then fell into alcoholism, but was saved from this by Theodore Watts-Dunton. This is a selection of his poetry.

    • ASIN: 0747546916
  13. Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion (Routledge Philosophy Companions) (English Edition)

    The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion, Second edition is an indispensable guide and reference source to the major themes, movements, debates and topics in philosophy of religion. Considerably expanded for the second edition, over seventy entries from a team of renowned international contributors are organized into nine clear parts:philosophical issues in world religionskey figures in philosophy of religionreligious diversitythe theistic conception of Godarguments for the existence of Godarguments against the existence of Godphilosophical theologyChristian theismrecent topics in philosophy of religion.Covering key world religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, and key figures such as Augustine, Aquinas and Kierkegaard, the Companion explores the central topics in theism such as the ontological, cosmological and teleological arguments for God’s existence. Three final parts consider Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern orthodoxy and current debates including phenomenology, reformed epistemology, religious experience, and religion and science, making the Companion as a whole essential reading for students of philosophy or religion, and suitable for anyone coming to the subject for the first time.This second edition includes new chapters on Blaise Pascal, Baruch ...

    • ASIN: B00B3SISCA
  14. The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi: Burton & Swinburne, Book 4

    Burton and Swinburne return in a new series! The Beast is coming. History will be remade. Since the assassination of Queen Victoria in 1840, a cabal of prominent men - including King George V, HRH Prince Albert, Benjamin Disraeli, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel - has received guidance from the afterlife. The spirit of a dead mystic, Abdu El Yezdi, has helped them to steer the empire into a period of unprecedented peace and creativity. But on the eve of a groundbreaking alliance with the newly formed Greater German Confederation, scientists, surgeons, and engineers are being abducted - including Brunel! The government, in search of answers, turns to the afterlife, only to find that Abdu El Yezdi is now refusing to speak with the living. Enter the newly knighted Sir Richard Francis Burton, fresh from his discovery of the source of the Nile. Appointed the king's agent, he must trace the missing luminaries and solve the mystery of Abdu El Yezdi's silence. But the Beast has been summoned. How can the famous explorer fulfill his mission when his friends and loved ones are being picked off, one by one, by what appears to be a supernatural entity - by, perhaps, Abdu El Yezdi himself?

    • ASIN: B00NTQYG66
  15. The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi: The Burton & Swinburne Adventures (English Edition)

    The Beast has been summoned.History will be unmade. Freshly knighted by King George V for discovering the source of the Nile, Sir Richard Francis Burton has been made an agent of the Crown.His mission: solve a series of high profile disappearances and – even more astonishing – locate the spirit of a dead mystic, Abdu el Yezdi.Burton and Swinburne are back and fighting for their very existence...

    • ASIN: B00CQ1DAM6
  16. The Complete Works of Algernon Charles Swinburne (23 Complete Works of Algernon Charles Swinburne Including A Study of Shakespeare, William Blake, Poems ... and Other Poems, & More) (English Edition)

    23 Complete Works of Algernon Charles SwinburneA Century of RoundelsA Channel Passage and Other PoemsA Dark MonthA Midsummer Holiday and Other PoemsA Study of ShakespeareAstrophel and Other PoemsAtalanta in CalydonChastelardErechtheusLocrinePoems & Ballads (First Series)Poems & Ballads (Second Series)Poems and Ballads (Third Series)RosamundSongs before SunriseSongs of the Springtides and Birthday OdeSonnets, and Sonnets on English Dramatic Poets (1590-1650)Studies in SongThe Duke of GandiaThe HeptalogiaThe Hesperides & Noble Numbers Vol. 1 and 2The Tale of BalenWilliam Blake

    • ASIN: B00TMA915E
  17. The Return of the Discontinued Man: Burton & Swinburne, Book 5

    Explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton and poet Algernon Swinburne return in a new series of wildly imaginative steampunk adventures. Spring Heeled Jack is jumping back! It's 9 p.m. on February 15, 1860, and Charles Babbage, the British Empire's most brilliant scientist, performs an experiment. Within moments, bloodred snow falls from the sky and Spring Heeled Jack pops out of thin air in London's Leicester Square. Though utterly disoriented and apparently insane, the strange creature is intent on one thing: hunting Sir Richard Francis Burton! Spring Heeled Jack isn't alone in his mental confusion. Burton can hardly function; he's experiencing one hallucination after another - visions of parallel realities and future history. Someone, or something, is trying to tell him about...what? When the revelation comes, it sends Burton and his companions on an expedition even the great explorer could never have imagined - a voyage through time itself into a twisted future where steam technology has made a resurgence and a despotic intelligence rules over the British Empire!

    • ASIN: B00NTQB4AM

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Safer Community @ Swinburne

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The Safer Community Program is your one-stop shop for all student welfare support and campus security services. Safer Community aims to encourage students and staff to play a significant part in campus safety by looking out for one another. Website: http://www.swinburne.edu.au/safercommunity App...

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Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, chats to Swinburne’s Professor Bronwyn Fox

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Steve “The Woz” Wozniak, Apple co-founder and pioneer of the personal computer, sits down with Professor Bronwyn Fox, Director of Swinburne’s Factory of the Future. The pair caught up after the Melbourne leg of Steve’s speaking tour, ‘An evening with Steve Wozniak’, which was hosted by Think Inc ...

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Swinburne Robot - Robotics and Mechatronics Project 2

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For one of my first year university subjects we were tasked, in groups of three, to design, construct, and program, automated robots that were capable of completing set tasks. We were limited in our resources, to a small box of assorted mechanical lego, and a 'HandyBoard' computer that we could ...

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Beam Merchandising Shop endlich online!

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Beam Merchandising Shop: http://bit.ly/1L7uASm Beam auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeamLPP

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Multi-Pitch Climbing at Swinburne

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Swinburne is a little village just off the N3 road south of Harrismith, in the Free State province of South Africa. Swinburne is a stopover point for travellers between Pretoria and Durban, perched on the edge of the Drakensberg escarpment. The village has a basic shop, restaurant, pub and Rock ...

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