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  1. Live at Sunbury [8trx]

    Live at Sunbury [8trx]

    • Brand: Thorpe, Billy & The Aztecs
    • ASIN: B0009X5IFA
    • UPC: 933604300101
  2. Ingrid Newkirk: A Biography of PETA's Founder (English Edition)

    Ingrid Newkirk (born 1949) is best known for her activism regarding animal rights. She is a British citizen who founded the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Newkirk has spent her adult life advocating for the rights of earth's nonhuman inhabitants, sometimes in very provocative ways.Jon Hochschartner has compiled this chronicle of Newkirk's life and activism through research of the media related to her as well as through interviews with those close to her. The book provides a thorough recap of a career dedicated to action.

    • ASIN: B07V21RR2V
  3. German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California (English Edition)

    In 1943, the first great wave of Hitler's soldier's came to America, not as goose-stepping conquering heroes, but as prisoners of war. By the time World War II ended in 1945, more than six hundred German POW camps had sprung up across America holding a total of 371,683 POWs. One of these camps was established at the U.S. Army's training installation Camp Cooke on June 16, 1944. The POW base camp at Cooke operated sixteen branch camps in six of California's fifty-eight counties and is today the site of Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County. Compared to other prisoner of war camps in California, Camp Cooke generally held the largest number of German POWs and operated the most branch camps in the state. A large number of the prisoners were from Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps, as well as from other military formations. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention, the prisoners received comfortable quarters and excellent care. They filled critical wartime labor shortages inside the main Army post at Cooke and in the outlying civilian communities, performing agricultural work for which they were paid. On weekends and evenings, they enjoyed many recreational entertainment and educational opportunities available to them in the camp. For many POWs, the American experie...

    • ASIN: B07B2FSYW7
  4. Captain Hooter's Connoisseur's Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops (English Edition)

    One man… on a mission… Go to every single coffee shop in Amsterdam in search of the “best of the best.” Multi-year Cannabis Cup judge and Worldwide Herbal Connoisseur, “Captain Hooter” has meticulously researched this Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops – First Edition. The Captain went to every coffeeshop in the Centrum, the north, south, east, and west suburbs. He tried and tested them all and picked out the “best of the best.” Captain Hooter did all the work for you!

    • ASIN: B07HZ72J3R
  5. Undoing Jane Doe: How I Put the Middle School Coach and Teacher Who Sexually Abused Me Behind Bars (English Edition)

    Raised in the idyllic and close-knit northern California town of Moraga, Kristen Lewis Cunnane had it all at 12: a treasured family, close friends, a valued position on a variety of sports teams, and excellent grades. By any pre-teen’s standards, hers was certainly a life to envy.Unfortunately, this happiness was to be short-lived as Kristen suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school science teacher. Afraid to discuss the event with her parents or close friends, Kristen turned to a trusted female coach and teacher for guidance. When they first met, Julie Correa was seemingly the perfect role model for a naive 11-year-old. However, this woman spent years earning Kristen’s trust while at the same time manipulating her psyche. In a sickeningly ironic twist, this so-called mentor ultimately transformed Kristen’s life into one of sexual slavery over the entirety of her high school tenure. With controlling and calculated precision, Correa was able to both isolate Kristen from her family and simultaneously assault her in her childhood bedroom."Undoing Jane Doe" chronicles Kristen’s heartbreaking experience and the harrowing aftermath that nearly drove her to suicide. Using actual transcripts from pretexual phone calls and court records, Cunnane takes the reader thro...

  6. Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last (English Edition)

    Nearly everything the American public has seen, read and heard in the media for nearly eighty years about the so-called Amelia Earhart mystery is intentionally false or inadvertently misleading. The widely accepted myth that the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan during their ill-fated world-flight attempt in July 1937 is among the greatest aviation mysteries of the 20th century is an abject lie, the result of decades of government propaganda that continues unabated to this day.This second edition of "Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last" adds two chapters, a new foreword, rarely seen photos, and the most recent discoveries and analysis to the mountain of overwhelming witness testimony and documentation presented in the first edition of "Truth at Last." The result is the most compelling, comprehensive presentation of the indisputable facts that reveal the stark truth about the Marshall Islands and Saipan presence and deaths of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan – a tragic story that American’s ruling class still doesn’t want the public to know, for reasons revealed in "Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.""Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last" dismantles and debunks the popular theories that Amelia Earhart's Electra crashed and sank off Howland Island on July 2, 1937, or l...

    • ASIN: B008E08J6U
  7. Sunbury (English Edition)

    Southern humor as an 'intervention.' From Millville, New Jersey to Sunbury, Georgia, a down and out musician strikes gold in 2007. Follow Bongo Bucky as he tries to transform from a careless, destitute member of the poverty class to a wealthy entrepreneur. Bongo and the colorful characters he meets along the way live lives of zany, bizarre antics. He becomes a sort of comic ‘green hero for the environment’ even with his tragic street villain personality. Bongo leaves his roots but faces the same complexities of American life, whether growing up in New Jersey or playing tycoon in Georgia. He started life as a model student, stagnated for years in a rut, only to bloom late and disprove his detractors. Life in a rural Georgia seaside village is quite different from his ‘Jersey Shore,’ but he fits in enough to become a ‘Damn Yankee,’ one who stays a while. Little does he know his venture is like stepping in a cow pasture. It takes a hardheaded stubborn person to get through his tribulations but Bongo has the scrappiness, and this time, some money to back him. Life in the south involves deep faith in the good ol’ boy system, trusting authorities to watch their backs, and for the most part they do. But little secrets linger. Read how Bongo uses his convincing personality...

    • ASIN: B009CA6NXM

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Macs Lounge Cafe Coffee Shop in Sunbury VIC serving Salad and Pancake


Macs Lounge is the perfect destination for lovers of excellent coffee, delicious food & skillful service. Located at 95 Evans St Sunbury VIC Australia 3429 #Cafe #MacsLounge #CoffeeShop #Salad #Pancake Watch Video Review by #BigReviewTV BIG Profile: View some of our Prod...

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Dean Clements - Rosenthal Shopping Centre


Rosenthal Shopping Centre opened June 2019 and it has added a convenience to the residents in the area. We spoke with Dean Clements about this new shopping precinct and the boost it will give the area. Take a look!

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88 Barkly Street, Sunbury- Brad Teal Real Estate


Impeccable five bedroom, two bathroom home at 88 Barkly Street Sunbury within walking distance of Sunbury's finest eateries, shops and transport. Go to to access property information, client resources including how to videos, frequently asked questions and media.

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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓   COME LUXURY SHOPPING WITH ME IN NEW YORK CITY!  I had such a fun 4 day trip with my husband in NYC!  We did lots of shopping, exploring, eating, biking…and more shopping!  I hope you enjoy this vlog…it shows a little bit of everything, but definitely lots of shopping...

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VEGAS VLOG! COME SHOPPING WITH ME!!! I hope you enjoy this little snippet of our Vegas trip! We did lots of shopping, lounging, eating, show-seeing and walking!!! Stay tuned for next week when I “unbox” everything I purchased in Vegas! :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL (It’s free, haha!): http://bit...

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