Sawgrass Shops

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  1. Because You Loved Me: A Clean Billionaire Romance (The Billionaires of Sawgrass Book 1) (English Edition)

    A secret engagement, a matchmaking father, and the twist of fate no one saw coming. Bridget Monahan can’t deny she’s led a somewhat charmed life. As the eldest daughter of a successful businessman, she’s never wanted for anything. After graduating from a prestigious college in New York, she didn’t have to draft résumés or suffer through stressful job interviews. Instead she went to work for her father creating updated interiors for his hotel flipping company. The only gray cloud in Bridget’s personal sky is her father’s ridiculous idea that his ex-Navy pilot protégé and his daughter constitute a match made in heaven. His less-than-tactful (and downright embarrassing) attempts to force her and Graham together have made it necessary to keep her engagement to the man she does love a secret. But it’s only a temporary thing. She has no doubt about her ability to bring her father around to her way of thinking.The best laid plans, right? When destiny shuffles the cards and deals out a new hand, Bridget finds herself questioning both her heart and her loyalties.

  2. The Sawgrass Footpath (English Edition)

    The Sawgrass Footpath, unfolds with one nightmare after another. In leaving his hometown in Virginia, to get away from the circus his parent's gruesome murders had become, Dr. Tom Diggins and his lovely wife, Ann, find a whole new batch of horrors in a home they bought in Florida under false pretenses, a beautiful house.... where a family was murdered! The wife, the children; all while the father was away. What follows is tremendous treachery and heartache over the insanity and brutality of the cultish murderers who are now after Dr. Tom and his wife, Ann, ending in what can only be described as the most ghoulish of murders.

    • ASIN: B0147SBNQU
  3. A Sawgrass Vendetta (English Edition)

    This is fiction about the fate of pregnant females of two different species. It is designed to focus attention on protection of endangered species focusing on the Florida Panther

    • ASIN: B008GOZ59S
  4. Life's an Unplayable Lie (English Edition)

    Golf, as virtually anyone who has ever played it knows, is a very difficult game to master…unless the mailbox in front of your home happens to carry the name Palmer, Nicklaus or Woods.But if your mailbox happens to have the name “Spagnolo” on it, well now that’s a whole different story altogether, because that name…mine…is now synonymous with and will forever be associated into eternity with bad golf. If you should happen to walk just a little further into my yard, you’ll eventually come upon my doorstep. It is here where you will find the responsibility for my name being forever ruined in golf circles heaped up in a huge pile at my front door…yes it was completely my fault. There’s no one else to blame in this instance.In fact, it was so bad back in 1985 that it wouldn’t be inaccurate to conjecture that on that fateful day, June 19th, 1985, that I took the entire game of golf on my shoulders and literally dragged it backwards 528 years, all the way to back to 1457 when the first 18 hole rounds began being played in Scotland. You see, no one had ever played this game that we all love so badly before or since and probably never will. Today, that count is now up to 555 years!But how did this come to be? After all, aren’t golf courses everywhere littered with...

    • ASIN: B00DV63X4K
  5. Pioneering Palm Beach: The Deweys and the South Florida Frontier (English Edition)

    Palm Beach's sunny and idyllic shores had humble beginnings as a wilderness of sawgrass and swamps only braved by the hardiest of souls. Two such adventurers were Fred and Byrd "Birdie" Spilman Dewey, who pioneered in central Florida before discovering the tropical beauty of Palm Beach in 1887. Though their story was all but lost, this dynamic couple was vital in transforming the region from a rough backcountry into a paradise poised for progress. Authors Ginger Pedersen and Janet DeVries trace the remarkable history of the Deweys in South Florida from their beginnings on the isolated frontier to entertaining the likes of the Flaglers, Vanderbilts, Phippses, Cluetts, Clarkes and other Palm Beach elite. Using Birdie's autobiographical writings from her best-selling books to fill in the gaps, Pedersen and DeVries narrate a chapter in Florida's history that has remained untold until now.

    • ASIN: B01B04FE3W

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Sawgrass Shops

Conheça o SAWGRASS MILLS, maior Outlet da Florida, famoso por ser o shopping do formato de Jacaré e ter excelentes preços. Vou mostrar para vocês todas as lojas e muitos preços deixe outlet incrível que fica em Sunrise, próximo a Miami.  Você já ouviu falar do OUTLET em formato de JACARÉ??? Nes...

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Sawgrass Shops

This was not in the structure of my usual luxury haul. There were some major hits (and major misses) in this one . Great saves, great splurges and some designer pieces that were completely unexpected! I’m not quite sure how but after multiple trips, over many years to Sawgrass Mills Outlet mall,...

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Sawgrass Shops

The GUCCI OUTLET CHALLENGE! What can $300 buy you at the Gucci Outlet store? Let's find out! Yesterday's Vlog - DESTROYING A GUCCI SHIRT - Subscribe to my 2nd channel! -

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Sawgrass Mills - grandiose outlet mall in Florida 4K

Sawgrass Shops

english / deutsch: Sawgrass Mills in Fort Lauderdale is one of the largest outlet malls in the world with over 350 stores. We really had to plan a whole day. In about 45 minutes you can easily reach the mall from Miami Beach. Because of the bargain, it's worth checking out before Christmas. Touri...

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Sawgrass Shops

Bueno les dejo las compras en SAWGRASS MILLS mas algunos consejos. los leo !

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