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  1. Go Down Moses And Other Stories (English Edition)

    Seven dramatic stories which reveal Faulkner's compassionate understanding of the Deep South. His characters are humble people who live out their lives within the same small circle of the earth, who die unrecorded. Their epitaphs make a fitting introduction to one of the great American writers of the century.

    • ASIN: B00DSM5AQ6
  2. New Folks' Home: And Other Stories (The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak Book 6) (English Edition)

    Ten stories of wonder and imagination by an author named Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America   In the collection’s title story, Frederick Gray is closing in on seventy and has outlived his usefulness as a professor of law. He has no family; his best friend, fellow faculty member Ben Lovell, has recently died. Before Gray moves into a retirement home, he takes a final canoe trip to a favorite fishing spot he and Lovell had visited many times, only to find that someone has built a house on the remote riverside. When an accident leaves Gray stranded and in pain, he returns to the shelter seeking aid and instead finds a new reason for living.   Nine additional tales showcase Clifford D. Simak’s talent for spinning stories that allow us to glimpse the possibilities of life beyond Earth as well as expand our wisdom of what it means to be human.   Each story includes an introduction by David W. Wixon, literary executor of the Clifford D. Simak estate and editor of this ebook.

    • ASIN: B014QI1NOS
  3. Marathon Man: A Novel (English Edition)

    A Nazi conspiracy in the heart of modern-day Manhattan—the blockbuster New York Times bestseller that became the classic film thriller. At Columbia University, Thomas “Babe” Levy, a postgrad history student and aspiring marathon runner, is working to clear his late father’s name after the scandal of his suicide, triggered by the McCarthy hearings and accusations of Communist affiliations.   In Paraguay, Dr. Christian Szell, former Nazi dentist and protégé of Josef Mengele, has been in exile for decades. Infamous as the “White Angel of Auschwitz,” he’s leaving his South American sanctuary to smuggle a fortune in gems out of New York City.   Meanwhile, in London’s Kensington Gardens, an international assassin known only as Scylla has completed a hit. A man with too many secrets and twice as many enemies, Scylla has become a target himself, with only one place left to turn.   Then, when Babe’s revered older brother, Doc, pays him a fateful and unexpected visit, it sets in motion a chain of events plunging Babe into a paranoid nightmare of family betrayal, international conspiracy, and the dark crimes of history. Now, the marathon man is running for his life, and closer to answering a single cryptic and terrifying question: “Is it safe?”   William Goldman...

    • ASIN: B00AQAD1Z0
  4. Down by the Riverside (LRRP Rangers Vietnam Book 9) (English Edition)

    Down By the Riverside is the concluding chapter in a larger work entitled, Gonna Stick My Sword in the Golden Sand: a Vietnam Soldier's Story.Golden Sand is a bold, dark, and intense retelling of the Vietnam experience through the eyes of an army scout, the point man of Romeo-18, a camouflaged and face-painted four-man LRRP team inserted by helicopter into remote and unfriendly territory to search for "Charlie," the North Vietnamese soldiers who travelled the mountain gullies of the Ho Chi Minh trail. Golden Sand is less about patriotism and heroism than about the gut-wrenching reality for the Vietnam combat soldiers who are celebrated for simply doing their best to get by, not as superheroes, but as young men who often acted heroically but sometimes foolishly in circumstances not of their own choosing. One reviewer commented, "the bond and the folly of immortal combat ring loud and clear from the page, and the story's told with all the realism, language and pathos of experience." The mood of Golden Sand is dark and somber rather than triumphalistic: a hauntingly honest and brutally true retelling rather than a glorification of the Vietnam experience. The author refers to Golden Sand as "autobiographical fiction." True incidents serve as inspiration for the book, but the stories ...

    • ASIN: B00NJRSOM2
  5. The Riverside Villas Murder (Penguin Modern Classics) (English Edition)

    A mummy is stolen from a small town museum along with some Roman coins and a soaking wet man collapses in fourteen year old Peter Furneaux's living room bleeding from the head. What was a suspected student prank is followed by murder. At first it is impossible to see the connection, but the eccentric Colonel Manton does. With Peter's help the Colonel unravels a mystery that strikes fear into the heart of a genteel suburban neighbourhood and gives Peter rather more excitement than he bargained for at the tennis club social. This meticulously paced thriller shows Amis at his most subtle and daring.

    • ASIN: B007TB5PTO
  6. The Riverside Man & Other Short Stories (English Edition)

    This is a Book of 11 great stories. Everyone thought of Deja vu. With real and surreal landscapes.

  7. Forty2 Days of Radiation vs. the Prostate Driven Life (English Edition)

    Have you ever wondered about what happens from the time prostate cancer is diagnosed until the radiation treatment is completed? David, a radiation patient, provides a view from inside the gown. His humorous view of this serious ailment might just be what the doctor ordered!

  8. The Man with the Sawed-Off Leg and Other Tales of a New York City Block (English Edition)

    They stand proudly gazing across the Hudson River at the cliffs of New Jersey. Their brows are marked by ornamental pediments. Greek columns stand as sentries by their entrances and stone medallions bedeck their chests. They are seven graceful relics of Beaux Arts New York, townhouses built more than 100 years ago for a new class of industrialists, actors and scientists -- many from abroad -- who made their fortunes in the United States and shaped the lives of Americans.This book brings to life the ghosts who inhabit that row of townhouses on Manhattan’s stately Riverside Drive for the first fifty years of the 20th Century, including a vicious crew of hoodlums who carried out what at the time was the largest armored car robbery in American history. It was a daring, minutely planned exploit that ended in blood, when one of the gangsters accidentally shot himself. He was taken to one of the townhouses -- then, in 1934, an underworld safehouse -- where he died and was stuffed in a steamer trunk (but his cohorts had to saw off one of his legs to fit him in it). From gangsters to industrialists, from future mayors to murderers, from movie stars to mafia dons, one block in a burgeoning city saw it all. The people who lived in each of the "Seven Sisters" reads like a mini Who's Who. M...

    • ASIN: B0754J61T7
  9. Jake's Thing (Vintage Blue) (English Edition)

    Jake Richardson, an Oxford don nearing sixty with a lifetime's lechery behind him, is in pursuit of his lost libido and heads off to the consulting room of a miniature sex therapist. Not one to disobey a doctor's orders, he runs the full humiliating gamut of sex labs and trendy 'workshops', where more than souls are bared. He decks himself with cunning gadgetry, dreams up a weekly fantasy, pets diligently with his overweight wife and browses listlessly through porn magazines behind locked doors. Is sex really worth it? As liberationists abuse him, a campus hostess bores him into bed - and even his own wife starts acting oddly - Jake seriously begins to wonder.

    • ASIN: B007D15C3Y
  10. MRULIC Damen Elegant Bademode Push Up Zweiteiler Swimsuits Badeanzug Bikini-Set Sexy Bikini Sets Frauen Strand Beachwear(Blau,EU-48/CN-5XL)

    Eigenschaften ★ Tribal Print Oberteil Mit Criss Cross Design und schwarzer Slip Verstellbare Träger über Kreuz ★ Gepolsterte Soft-Cups, bügellos ★ Hochwertiges und schnell trocknendes Material; Atmungsaktiv und weich ★ Ob Action-Urlaub oder ganz lazy am Strand - mit dem schicken zweiteiligen Tankini ist eine entspannte Urlaubszeit garantiert! ★ Material Oberstoff: 82% Polyamid, 18% Elasthan ★ Lining: 100% Polyester ★ Pflegehinweis: ★ Maschinenwäsche kalt (bis 30-40°C) ★ Größe: S US-Größe: 4 UK-Größe: 8 EU-Größe: 34 Büste: 88-92 cm/34.6-36.2" Taille: 66-80 cm / 25,9-31,4 "Hüfte: 86-100 cm / 33,8-39,3" ★ Größe: M US-Größe: 6 UK-Größe: 10 EU-Größe: 36 Büste: 92-96 cm / 36,2-37,8 "Taille: 70-84 cm / 27,5-33,0" Hüfte: 90-104 cm / 35,4-40,9 " ★ Größe: L US-Größe: 8 UK-Größe: 12 EU-Größe: 38 Fehlschlag: 96-100 cm / 37,8 "- 39,3" Taille: 74-88 cm / 29,1-34,6 "Hüfte: 94-108 cm / 37,0-42,5" ★ Größe: XL US-Größe: 10 UK-Größe: 14 EU-Größe: 40 Fehlschlag: 100-104 cm / 39.3-40.9 "Taille: 78-92cm / 30.7-36.2" Hüfte: 98-112 cm / 38.5-44.0 " ★ Größe: 2XL US-Größe: 12 UK-Größe: 16 EU-Größe: 42 Fehlschlag: 104-108cm / 40.9-42.5 "Taille: 82-96cm / 32.2-37.6" Hüfte: 102-116cm / 38.5-45.6 " ★ Größe: 3XL US-Größe: 14 UK...

    • Color: Blau
    • Brand: MRULIC Damen
    • ASIN: B07R99DWB4
    • UPC: 795843496836

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Boardwalk Barber Shop | Riverside Barber Shop

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http://www.boardwalkbarbershop.com/ Located in Downtown Riverside, The Board Walk Barber Shop, is at the forefront of an age-old craft known as barbering. Providing haircuts & shaving that your great grandfather would be proud of. Make an appointment now (951) 530-3387 Best Riverside Barber Shop.

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