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  1. Paducah (Images of America) (English Edition)

    Located in the westernmost area of Kentucky known as the Jackson Purchase, Paducah has witnessed tremendous change since its beginnings in the early 19th century. Founded by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Paducah officially became a town in 1830 and gained the McCracken County seat a year later. Thanks to the area's river resources, the arrival of the New Orleans and Ohio Railroads, and the installment of the telegraph line, Paducah experienced considerable growth, despite the occurrence of natural disasters, before the Civil War when Grant seized the town. Since then, Paducah has become a bustling center of industry, education, and tourism.Images of America: Paducah contains a multitude of photographs that provide a glimpse into the city's period of growth, featuring the contributions of the rivers, the development of accredited Kentucky community colleges, and the unique events, such as the annual quilt show, which attracts 30,000 visitors.

    • ASIN: B00947EVIC
  2. Superfund Record of Decision: Paducah Gaseous Diffusion (USDOE) OU 5 Paducah KY (8/10/1998) (English Edition)

    Superfund Record of Decision: Paducah Gaseous Diffusion (USDOE) OU 5 Paducah KY (8/10/1998)

    • ASIN: B07SJXM626
  3. Swingin'in Paducah

    • ASIN: B000CADKNW
    • UPC: 653859253129
  4. Paducah: Frontier to the Atomic Age (Making of America) (English Edition)

    One of the last frontier towns east of the Mississippi, Paducah took center stage in the drama of an expanding United States despite a late start and a penchant for independence and self reliance. The Kentucky river city played no small part in the rise of river commerce and its successor, the railroads. From river packets to enriched uranium, its history is marked by victory over disastrous floods and a headlong rush toward a future embracing new technology.Paducah: Frontier to the Atomic Age tells the story of a community torn apart from the start between Chickasaw and American claims, then Confederate and Union invasions. Exploring the expanding city streets and the ever-busy waterfront, readers will meet natives Quintus Quincy Quigley, chronicler of events on the eve of the Civil War; the "Dean," Dr. Robert Gordon Matheson, who revolutionized two-year colleges; and Mrs. Houston "Dolly" McNutt, among the first female mayors in Kentucky.This unique volume also recounts the story of the city's central role in nineteenth-century history, thanks to its strategic location at the mouth of the Tennessee River on the Ohio. At that time, the Civil War struggle for control of border states tested Paducah's loyalty even while the rest of Kentucky fought to remain neutral, and Reconstruct...

    • ASIN: B009470BNG
  5. Paducah (English Edition)

    Tanya Colbert was pregnant at fifteen. After the baby was born, Tanya named her Reyna. Tanya had several different men in her life and had various jobs, but other challenges faced her. Tanya decided to change her lifestyle and become someone. After some disappointing jobs, she became a receptionist at a local hotel. There she and Reyna encountered Oliver Paducah, his wife, and his son, the son being the same age as Reyna. Corbin Oliver Paducah inherited Paducah Software Development LLC from his father. Olivers wife and Corbins mother, Regina, was from a prominent family in Atlanta. Regina was something of a snob. Years later, Corbin took over the company, building a multibillion-dollar business. After graduating from Harvard, Corbin married Reyna Colbert, who also graduated from Harvard. Corbin and Reyna had two sons, Patrick and Paxton. Patrick became a surgeon. Paxton, somewhat a radical, realized his potential after graduating from college and started work in his fathers company. After unexpected events, Reyna Paducah had to hold the businesses together.

    • ASIN: B07921ZB63
  6. THE ME i used To be (English Edition)

    A short autobiography by resume and writing

    • ASIN: B0733X59YH
  7. I Choose to be Happy: A School Shooting Survivor's Triumph over Tragedy (English Edition)

    On December 1, 1997, a fourteen-year-old boy pulled a semi-automatic pistol from his backpack and randomly opened fire in the Heath High School lobby in West Paducah, Kentucky. Eight students were shot; three of them were killed.Among the injured was fifteen-year-old Missy Jenkins. The FHA president and flutist in the marching band was hit by a bullet that clipped her spine. Later that day, though knowing she was paralyzed from the chest down and would likely never walk again, Missy forgave the shooter and accepted her disability, ultimately reclaiming her life.With an unbreakable spirit, Missy finished high school, graduated from college, became a school counselor, married her college sweetheart, gave birth to two children, met with the shooter in prison, and now speaks publicly about her life with messages on empathy, bullying, forgiveness, and overcoming obstacles.Missy has received several honors, from “Kentuckian of the Year” to being named one of Ladies’ Home Journal’s “Most Fascinating Women.” She has been featured on “Oprah,” “Good Morning America,” “Dateline,” and “Anderson Cooper 360.”This is one woman’s incredible story of hope, love, courage, and determination that will leave readers inspired to make the most of each day.This book was upd...

    • ASIN: B00AS10OAM
  8. Blue Suede Shoes : And White Bucks (English Edition)

    Short story by Joann Dance

    • ASIN: B06Y95DZZC
  9. Tennessee River Navigation Charts - Paducah, Kentucky to Knoxville, Tennessee (English Edition)

    Section 7 of the River and Harbor Act of August 8, 1917, providesas follows:"That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to prescribesuch regulations for the use, administration, and navigation of thenavigable waters of the United States as in his judgment the publicnecessity may require for the protection of life and property, or ofoperations of the United States in channel improvement, covering allmatters not specifically delegated by law to some other executivedepartment. Such regulations shall be posted, in conspicuous andappropriate places, for the information of the public; and everyperson and every corporation which shall violate such regulationsshall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, on conviction thereofin any district court of the United States within those territorialjurisdiction such offense may have been committed, shall bepunished by a fine not exceeding $500, or by imprisonment (in thecase of a natural person) not exceeding six months, in the discretionof the court."In pursuance of the law above quoted, the following regulationswere prescribed to govern the use, administration, and navigation ofthe Ohio River above Cairo, Ill., and its tributaries.207.300 Ohio River, above Cairo, Ill., and their tributaries; use,administration, and navigation.

    • ASIN: B01N4CJBRJ
  10. I Want To Go Home, an essay about homelessness (English Edition)

    This is the first editorial essay of Mark Vaughn. It was written at a truck stop in Denver, Colorado while working for Covenant Transport of Chattanooga Tennessee. It tells the story of meeting in Ontario, California a man who called himself Buddy. It then addresses the question of homelessness. As a result a contract was offered, but was not followed through on an offer to write a book regarding homelessness in America. Mark Vaughn researched this by visiting several homeless shelters in places like Nashville, and Knoxville. He was also briefly involved with Jim Vernon in a Homeless ministry in Atlanta, GA. while attending Atlanta Christian College. Mark Vaughn spent three years on the streets of Tampa and hiked to Paducah, KY to address a question about his American citizenship. The full story can be found in Wordsmith 2004 and Beyond and the On the Road series. Partial Lyrics to Michael Buble's song, "I wanna Go Home" are included


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Paducah Shops TOP VIDEO

Progressive Rail Shops, Paducah Kentucky. 6-16-2010

Paducah Shops

After the Kentucky and Bowling Green Museums, we head to Paducah. Our first stop is the Progressive rail shops, where we see at least 30 different railroads and lots of engines. Enjoy!!! Music is not mine, full ownership goes to the Artists.

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Shop Our Town™ Paducah

Paducah Shops

PASSION: It's something you'll undoubtedly find in the small business owners of Paducah and it's what makes this town's brick-and-mortar stores a cut above the online competition. From customer service to your overall experience, there's nothing quite like shopping with a retailer as passionate a...

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Paducah | Kentucky Collectibles | KET

Paducah Shops

The Kentucky Collectibles crew hits the road and travels to Downtown Paducah to visit the local shops and take a look at their beautiful collections of antiques. Learn more about KET's programs and educational services at Subscribe to the KET channel:

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A Trip To Kansas City Episode 4: Centralia, IL and Paducah, KY

Paducah Shops

Instagram➡ Facebook➡ Our trip has come to a close but not over just yet! We visit Centralia, IL, home of the Canadian National and the ex Illinois Central. We caught a few trains here and lots of interesting power includin...

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HO Scale Intermountain Railway Co "Paducah" GP10

Paducah Shops

The Paducah GP10 was the name given to rebuilt and repowered GP7s to GP18s during the 1970s, which were rebuilt at the Illinois Central shops in Paducah, KY. This versatile road switcher is still in use in many locations today, pulling freight for short line railroads! See our selection of this...

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