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  1. Hillsong: Let Hope Rise - The Movie (Deutsche Fassung plus Bonusmaterial)

    Das weltweite Musik-Phänomen jetzt endlich auch bei uns auf DVD und Blu-ray!Frisch ausgezeichnet mit einem der begehrtesten Musikpreise der Welt: dem AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD 2016!Die melodischen Songs oder auch rockigen Stücke gehen einem sofort ins Ohr! Erleben Sie es selbst, wenn zehntausende in die Lieder einstimmen; das ist Gänsehaut pur!Dazu tolle Extras mit ganzen Songs zum Reinhören oder einem Blick hinter die Kulissen! Alles wahlweise mit deutscher oder englischer Tonspur! Optional auch alle Lieder mit deutschen Untertiteln!Sie begannen als eine bunt gemischte Gruppe von Musikern und wurden mittlerweile zur bekanntesten christlichen Band der Welt! Die Songs von Hillsong United wurden bisher in 60 Sprachen übersetzt und werden jeden Sonntag weltweit von 50 Mio. Menschen gesungen!17 Millionen verkaufte Alben brachten 2016 den AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD und den BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARD! Über 1 Milliarde Fans haben die Musikvideos und Liveacts bereits bei youtube gesehen!Von den Anfängen der Gemeinde hin zu einer globalen Bewegung, deren Lieder jeden Sonntag von mehr als 50 Millionen Menschen weltweit gesungen werden: „Hillsong-Let Hope Rise“ spiegelt die einzigartige Erfolgsgeschichte der australischen „Hillsong Church“ am Beispiel ihrer Lobpreisformation „Hillsong UNIT...

    • ASIN: B06XG2Y1JQ
  2. Supernatural Tales 38: Summer 2018 (English Edition)

    Strange tales of the ghostly, the Gothic, and the disturbing from leading authors. In 'Redriff' by Michael Chislett a dabbler in the occult receives odd messages at London Underground stations. 'The Thirteenth Shelf' by Stephen Cashmore concerns a quest for lost volumes of forbidden lore by a man who signs himself simply 'X'. In David Surface's story a teacher becomes obsessed with security after his students are told to conduct 'active shooter drills'. John Howard's 'Against the Dead' is more restrained but still concerns a haunting, while Jane Jakeman's 'Ghost Hunting' seems self-explanatory, but there's a twist.

    • ASIN: B07F3F7854
  3. Supernatural Tales 36: Winter 2017/18 (English Edition)

    New tales of the weird, mysterious, and paranormal from leading authors in the field.

    • ASIN: B077N6Q4RF
  4. Supernatural Tales 32 (English Edition)

    New stories by: Kathy Stevens, Charles Wilkinson, Michael Chislett, S.M. Cashmore, Chloe N. Clark, and Jeremy Schliewe.'Even the Veins of Leaves' by Chloe N. Clark. A sheriff's deputy sets off into a dense forest to search for missing teenagers. Local legend has it that there's a lost town in the woods, and that something strange dwells there...'The Ground of the Circuit' by Charles Wilkinson. A wealthy couple take over a remote property in rural England, but can't get rid of a sitting tenant. The old man has some rather unusual ideas about life and death - theories he's been working on for quite a long time.'Waiting for Breakfast' by S.M. Cashmore. Nothing is more important to a family than a nice, secure home. Callers are welcome, though - so long as they don't plan on leaving again. 'A Little Lost Thing' by Jeremy Schliewe. A middle-aged man meets a woman who remembers him. So why has he forgotten her, and what else has slipped his mind?'Masque: The Herald of the Pest' by Michael Chislett. In a strange, decadent city a festival begins, despite the looming threat of a white plague. What will the great unmasking reveal?'The Ghost on the Hill' by Kathy Stevens. On a bench a woman is joined by a young man. She is waiting for someone, and he is about to have a life-changing experi...

    • ASIN: B01CO2Z6EQ
  5. Supernatural Tales 28 (English Edition)

    New tales of the weird and ghostly.'Bright Hair About the Bone' by Jacob Felsen. A story of love, loss, and faces glimpsed where no faces should be.'Doorways' by William Wandless. If you were pursued by an indestructible tormentor, what would you do?'Mr and Mrs Havisham' by Gillian Bennett. A work of art holds a clue to the strange victory of a second wife.'Look Both Ways' by Sam Dawson: a visit to an English seaside resort becomes a journey into nightmare.'A Name in the Dark' by Michael Chislett. Nothing is as it seems in the park when twilight falls and strange people (and things) come out to play.'Fiveplay' by E. Michael Lewis. Childish games played by grownups can sometimes end in tears - or worse.'The Shrouder' by William I.I. Read. Can an entity from a story somehow enter the real world? You'd better believe it...'Snowman, Frozen' by Tim Foley - a writer has a script to finish, a remote cabin to work in, and nothing to look at. Apart from that snowman.

    • ASIN: B00PHKSUC8
  6. Supernatural Tales 25 (English Edition)

    A thrice-yearly magazine - first published in 2001 - devoted to short stories that have a supernatural element. This can mean traditional ghost stories and weird tales or more complex and elusive fiction that can loosely be defined as horror. The stories collected in this issue are:'The Middle Park' by Michael Chislett. A young couple out for a stroll in London discover more than they bargained for.'Dark Tracks' by Christopher Harman. A ramshackle ghost-train suffers from a very disturbing obstruction on the line.'Who Walks Beside You' by Chloe N. Clark. A lonely man finds himself haunted by a strange companion.'Some Houses - a Rumination' by Brian J. Showers. Can buildings be sick, or insane?'Murder, Lamentation, and the Guild of Ghosts' by Gillian Bennett. A comedy of (bad) manners on the part of spooks.'The Refurbishment' by Peter Bell. An old-school ghost story that gives short shrift to the modern heritage industry.

  7. Supernatural Tales 18 (English Edition)

    Seven stories of the bizarre and disturbing:'All That Remains of Silence' by Mark Patrick Lynch. A young couple are bound to take care of something in a basket...'Bracken Row' by Gemma Farrow. A night out leads to a spell in the cells. 'Foglass' by Stephen J. Clark. An obscure author has a band of dedicated fans who will do anything to glorify his name.'Body of Work' by Sam Dawson. Art can imitate life, but sometimes it can do a lot more.'Silas' Rat' by Iain E. Bunting. A Gothic tale of a man with an infestation.'The Face That Looks Back at You' by Michael Kelly. "There I saw the trunk, just like this one, Alex. Black and old and timeworn. I went to the trunk, opened the lid, and peered in. A face looked back at me."'The Light Wraith' by Michael Chislett. In London's sunlit Docklands, something is emerging from the brilliance of a thousand panes of glass.

    • ASIN: B00LPR8XPQ
  8. Supernatural Tales 16 (English Edition)

    'The Night Watchman' by Gary Fry. What could be more civilized than a game of cricket in a quiet English village? But some players are less than sporting.'Red Christmas' by Jim Steel. A tale of the Korean War, of old comrades, and a series of strange postcards that prove some old soldiers don't fade away.'Perfectly Natural' by Jane Jakeman. A weird vignette of maternal instincts misdirected. Or not.'Adoptagrave' by Jane Jakeman. A short-short story of a meeting in a country churchyard.'Company' by Ray Russell. Some people are alone at Christmas. And some people ought to be.'Trouble With the Hob' by Tina Rath. An upbeat tale of supernatural shenanigans in a surburban home.'Old Boy' by William I.I. Read. Going back to your old school as a successful author is an ideal way to exorcise some demons. Or is it?'The Coast Guard' by Michael Chislett. The story of a red-haired girl, a vixen, and a being that is neither of the land nor the water.

    • ASIN: B00LPJ37NC
  9. Supernatural Tales 22 (English Edition)

    A collection of tales of the supernatural. All-new short stories by leading authors in the fantasy/horror genres. 'Midnight Blonde' by Ian Rogers "The virus ran rampant until the victim went into a coma and died. Then it really got down to work."'October Dreams' by Michael Kelly. Life offers a trick and/or treat to us all.'The Badger Boy' by S.M. Cashmore. "There were two things about the room at the top of the stairs which she did not really want to remember."'Hands' by Charles Wilkinson. Compassion can come from the strangest of directions.'Visitor Attraction' by Sam Dawson. "Would you like some animal feed?"'The Blighted Rose' by Derek John. An old man recalls an encounter with a cunning woman. But she wasn't quite cunning enough.'The Rustling of Tiny Paws' by Carole Tyrrell. Town folk, country ways, but not a familiar story.'The Longest Night of the Year' by Andrew Alford. Someone hasn't thought of the children. 'Only the Dead Know Deptford' by Michael Chislett. "I CAN C U. CUM LIV WIV ME."

    • ASIN: B00LOZ50JG
  10. Supernatural Tales 20 (English Edition)

    Original fiction by leading authors of horror, ghostly, and weird fiction. 'Wolf Hour' by Daniel Mills. A gentleman meets a beautiful woman at a ball. She is not exactly Cinderella.'The Burning Man' by Andrew Kolarik. A story of revenge that transcends death, and something else.'Good for the Gander' by Brian Day. "They must have faces. All people have faces."'The Folded Hands' by Katherine Haynes. A mysterious man hires a famous magician for a private show.'Sallow' by Philbampus. An odd, apocalyptic story from the journal of noted antiquarian A.A. Wickett.'The Friends of Faustina' by Michael Chislett. A group of early cinema enthusiasts meet some interesting characters.

  11. Supernatural Tales 1 (English Edition)

    Five stories of the ghostly, the horrific, and the weird. 'The Waif', by Michael Chislett. A Londoner who knows how to handle himself finds his new apartment overlooks more than the river Thames.'Vacant Possession' by Tina Rath. Selling a house is tricky enough, without the added complications of the H-word. 'Lord of the Flies' by David G. Rowlands. An old-school English rural ghost story, but one with a rather unpleasant theme. 'The Vanishing Hitchhiker' by Steve Duffy. A travelling salesman in the Catskills remembers the stories his father told to pass the time on the road.'An Outside Influence' by Katherine Haynes. No man is an island, and attempting to seal yourself off from the rest of humanity is problematic.

    • ASIN: B00LOBAB80
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  13. The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 25 (Mammoth Books) (English Edition)

    For a quarter of a century, this multiple award-winning annual selection has showcased some of the very best, and most disturbing, short stories and novellas of horror and the supernatural. As always, this landmark volume features superior fiction from such masters of the genre and newcomers in contemporary horror as Michael Chislett; Thana Niveau; Reggie Oliver; Tanith Lee; Niel Gaiman; Robert Shearman; Simon Strantzas; Lavie Tidhar; Simon Kurt Unsworth and Halli Villegas.With an in-depth introduction covering the year in horror, a fascinating necrology and a unique contact directory, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror remains the world’s leading anthology dedicated solely to presenting the very best in modern horror.Praise for previous Mammoth Books of Best New Horror:'Stephen Jones . . . has a better sense of the genre than almost anyone in this country.' Lisa Tuttle, The Times.'The best horror anthologist in the business is, of course, Stephen Jones, whose Mammoth Book of Best New Horror is one of the major bargains of this as of any other year.' Roz Kavaney.'An essential volume for horror readers.' Locus

    • ASIN: B00O9U6IAI

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Michael Chislett TOP VIDEO

hillsong es tiempo Michael Guy Chislett

Michael Chislett

este es el guitarrista original de hillsong united

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LUKAS - Recording guitars with Michael Guy Chislett

Michael Chislett

Luke Munns travels to Atlanta to record guitars with Michael Guy Chislett at Butch Walker's "Ruby Red Studio" for the "You & Me EP". Taken from the 'IN THE BEGINNING - The making of the LUKAS - You & Me EP' documentary. http://thelukasband.com for more.

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Soundcheck | Hillsong United on Inspiration | Fender

Michael Chislett

For Jadwin Gillies, Michael Guy Chislett, and Dylan Thomas of Hillsong United, inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, and requires an openness to all channels of influence. "You have to have a mindset that you will allow yourself to be inspired," said Gillies. "You're not looking for a ...

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Michael Guy Chislett On Brooke Fraser European Tour

Michael Chislett

I met MGC at the end of the show, he was so kind and talked to me about his gear and co. I m so blessed from meeting him.

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Hillsong UNITED - Touch The Sky (Live Acoustic)

Michael Chislett

Written by Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas and Michael Guy Chislett, Interpreted By Taya Smith, This is the First single of New Album By Hillsong United EMPIRES, Aviable In May 26. Verse 1 A/C# What fortunes D lies beyond the stars; A/E Those dazzling F#m heights too vast to A/C# climb;' I go...

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