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  1. Evaluation of the Updated Site-Specific Risk Assessment for the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas (English Edition)

    Safeguarding U.S. agriculture from foreign animal diseases and protecting our food system require cutting-edge research and diagnostic capabilities. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have embarked on an important mission to replace the aging Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) with a new facility, the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF). When operational, this new facility would be the world's fourth biosafety level-4 laboratory capable of large animal research. It would serve as a critical world reference laboratory for identifying emerging and unknown disease threats, and would thus be a critical asset in securing the future health, wealth, and security of the nation. DHS selected Manhattan, Kansas, as the site for the new NBAF after an extensive site-selection process that involved an environmental impact statement. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) raised concerns about DHS's analysis of the potential spread of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDv), one of the most serious foreign animal disease threats. Congress directed DHS to conduct a site-specific risk assessment (SSRA) for the NBAF, instructed the National Research Council (NRC) to independently evaluate the SSRA, and prohibited obligation ...

    • ASIN: B00C4XEHQE
  2. Billionaire Daddy for my Baby: A Single Mom Manhattan Romance Novel (English Edition)

    After a short marriage to her high school sweetheart, Lily’s life is in shambles. A single mom to two-year-old Mabel and without a college degree, she decides to leave Kansas to be with her best friends in New York City. There she meets and falls head over heels for tall, dark, and handsome billionaire Jack. But her happiness doesn’t last - is Jack too good to be true? What does he hide?

    • ASIN: B07V3TNZDH
  3. Beautiful Bad: 'An ending like no other!' Amazon reviewer (English Edition)

    'Ward writes with the same compelling energy as you get in a blockbuster Netflix series' Daily MailIt seemed like such a beautiful marriage...Maddie and Ian's love story began with a chance encounter at a party, while she was a travel writer visiting her best friend, Jo. Now, almost two decades later, they are married with a beautiful son, Charlie, and living the perfect suburban life in middle America. But when a camping accident leaves Maddie badly scarred, she begins attending writing therapy, where she gradually reveals her fears about Ian, her concerns for the safety of their young son and the couple's tangled and tumultuous past with Jo.Following their story across the globe, sixteen years of love and fear, adventure and suspicion culminate in a frantic 911 summoning the police to the scene of a shocking crime...'Compelling. Filled with unexpected twists... a riveting read' Sarah Pekkanen, author of The Wife Between Us

  4. Jessica (The Manhattan Stories Book 1) (English Edition)

    Jessica McCarthy’s only Christmas wish is for a home of her own and children. All her friends are already married and have families. Believing that true love will never come her way, she settles for the man she sees as her last chance to realize her dream, handsome, charming, ne'er-do-well, Zachary Belk. Jessica’s father, one of the most successful businessmen in 1860’s Manhattan, warns her that he isn't a good prospect for a husband. Jessica seldom goes against his advice, but Zachary is the only man in New York who has courted her. His own firm is on the edge of bankruptcy, and he desperately needs a financial lifeline. Jessica believes she is only being realistic when she agrees to be Zachary’s wife, but she soon finds out her carousing husband doesn’t share her hopes for domestic life. The stock market crash of 1869 changes all their lives. Born into wealth, Jessica never had to ask the price of anything. Now the cost of simply putting food on the table is the first thing on her mind when she awakes every morning. Jessica must adapt drastically to being penniless. She calls upon her faith in God, her friends, both old and new, and her own determination, not only to survive, but to find peace, happiness, security, and a real love.This is the first of three novels in...

    • ASIN: B004EBTGDS
  5. Curran Glen: The Currans, Book Two (The Manhattan Stories 6) (English Edition)

    The Civil War ended, but the turmoil of D’Arcy Curran’s life did not. Rather than give up the child she raised from birth, sixteen-year-old D’Arcy kidnaps her sister Suzanne’s son. The only safe place for her and little Danny is home…Manhattan, Kansas. Once there, D’Arcy learns that danger comes in many forms, and some of them are too close for comfort. Her father is murdered by marauding Jayhawkers. Her mother is lost in grief. D’Arcy faces the disapproval of many when she wears trousers, carries a gun, and takes over the responsibility for the farm. She’s drawn to Royce Quinn, her foreman, who years earlier swore his love to Suzanne. When her sister comes home, D’Arcy fears Suzanne is there to take Danny away from her…and maybe Royce as well.

    • ASIN: B01M6YPDE5
  6. The Currans and The Quinns: The Currans, Book Three (The Manhattan Stories 7) (English Edition)

    Seventh in 'The Manhattan Stories' by Wall Street Journal Top 10 Best Selling author, Donna Foley Mabry, "The Currans and The Quinns | The Manhattan Stories: The Currans, Book Three" continues the saga of the Curran Family.On the Manhattan, Kansas frontier of the 1870s, D’Arcy Curran, her adopted son, Dan, and her new husband, Royce Quinn, want nothing more than to raise a family and live in peace. Their plans are waylaid when the renegade Jayhawker who killed D’Arcy’s father returns from prison looking for revenge. Human treachery isn’t the only thing D’Arcy and Royce battle on their prairie home. As Dan grows from a boy to a man and more children arrive, they struggle against the forces of nature, animals that are not as tame as expected, and disease. When Dan meets Kathleen O’Malley, he’s only sixteen but is convinced she’s the girl for him. He sets out to win her heart, but he wonders, can the pampered daughter of a New York millionaire learn to love a rough-hewn cowboy?

    • ASIN: B077Q2LDCP
  7. Andy Warhol's Factory People: Welcome to the Silver Factory, Speeding into the Future, and Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up (English Edition)

    Based on the television documentary: A three-part oral history of the Pop Art sensation’s inner circle and their dazzling world of art, drugs, and drama.   Featuring a new introduction by the author, special to this collection, this three-part companion volume to Emmy Award–winning Catherine O’Sullivan Shorr’s documentary Andy Warhol’s Factory People is an unprecedented exposé of an exhilarating and tumultuous time in the 1960s New York City art world—told by the artists, actors, writers, musicians, and hangers-on who populated and defined the Factory. “Different [in] its avowed bottom-up approach: Warhol as a function of his followers is the idea. This time . . . it’s the interviews that tell the tale” (Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times).  Welcome to the Silver Factory: In 1962, frustrated with advertising work, Warhol sets up his legendary studio in an abandoned hat factory on Manhattan’s 47th Street. The “Silver Factory” quickly becomes the hub of Warhol’s creative endeavors—the space where he constantly works while an ever-changing cast of characters and muses passes through with their own contributions.  Speeding into the Future: In a peak period from 1965 through 1966, Warhol creates the notion of the “It Girl” with ingenuous debutante E...

    • ASIN: B07H8X9W8C
  8. Frontier Manhattan: Yankee Settlement to Kansas Town, 1854-1894 (English Edition)

    When Isaac Goodnow and five fellow New Englanders arrived at the junction of the Kansas and Big Blue rivers in March of 1855, they pitched a tent and launched a town. Harassment and homesickness almost drove them back east, but they held their ground to establish an anti-slavery and educational stronghold: the town of Manhattan, Kansas.Kevin Olson's lively history of Manhattan's founding illuminates the divisive forces that had to be overcome amidst the turbulence of the Civil War era and the sheer drama of building a town from scratch on the Great Plains frontier. With an eye for vivid detail and reflecting a native's deep knowledge of the city, Olson chronicles the first four decades of Manhattan as it grew from tent to town.Although spared much of the Bleeding Kansas violence, Manhattan saw its share of shootouts and lynchings in its Wild West days. Olson evocatively recaptures those rough-and-tumble times and effectively describes the town's key social and economic transformations. He also highlights the emergence of a college town and "New England village" by 1866, followed by Manhattan's growth and modernization in the 1890s.Drawing on town records as well as the personal papers of boosters, Olson mirrors the history of Kansas through the lens of this one community by inter...

    • ASIN: B01M27OUOU
  9. The Russell House (English Edition)

    When Roxanne Russell’s mother dies, her father is away on a business trip. The young military widow leaves dozens of messages for her father but receives no response. Looking for a copy of her mother’s obituary, Roxie reads an article in the newspaper and discovers her entire life is a web of lies, secrets, and deceit. The story sends her off in search of the truth about the man she idolized. She drives to her father’s birthplace—Manhattan, Kansas—and moves into her grandmother’s huge, three-story, hundred-and-fifty-year-old house. It’s been vacant for decades, but Roxie begins to believe she’s not the only occupant. She doesn’t know if there’s an intruder or if the spirit of her grandmother is watching over her.In only a matter of days, someone has made several attempts on her life. She calls in her best friend, Janice Tallchief—retired on a disability from the Kansas City Police Department—to act as her bodyguard. Can Jan and Roxie unravel the mystery before the killer succeeds?

    • ASIN: B01JVNSEK4
  10. Pioneer Days In Kansas (English Edition)

    This is a digital copy of a 41 page book was written and self-published by Mattie Mails Coons in Manhattan, Kansas in December of 1939. It is a collection of her reminiscences about the early settlement of the town and of the surrounding area.

    • ASIN: B07L41V2RF
  11. Dan Curran Quinn: The Currans, Book Four (The Manhattan Stories 8) (English Edition)

    Eighth in 'The Manhattan Stories' by Wall Street Journal Top 10 Best Selling author, Donna Foley Mabry, "Dan Curran Quinn | The Manhattan Stories: The Currans, Book Four" continues the saga of the Curran Family. After a romance that started when he was still in high school, Dan Curran Quinn marries his longtime love, Kathleen O’Malley. They begin their lives together with a bright future, but a vengeful killer from Dan’s past has other plans. When every dream he ever had is shattered, Dan is unable to recover. Restless, he sets out to ride horseback across the vanishing frontier from Manhattan, Kansas to the little town of Goodland near the Colorado border. Along the way, Dan encounters dangers, hunger, thirst, desperate people, and situations that teach him what kind of man he is—and what kind of man he wants to be.

    • ASIN: B07FDD3BKY
  12. Come Pour the Wine: A Novel (English Edition)

    New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Freeman’s powerful tale of a woman in search of her sacred heritage, who must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for loveNineteen-year-old Janet Stevens leaves Wichita, Kansas, for New York—and a glamorous career as a model. Manhattan in the 1950s is a heady place for a sheltered Midwesterner. A new friend helps her discover her forefathers’ faith, but from the moment she sees Bill McNeil at a party, Janet senses she’s found her future. When they marry, she believes she’s finally gotten what she always wanted—not fame or fortune, but the love that will fulfill and sustain her as nothing else ever could.From the passionate throes of youth to the stings and shocks of middle age, Come Pour the Wine draws a brilliant portrait of a marriage and a family in search of its roots, written with Cynthia Freeman’s trademark insight and compassion.

    • ASIN: B00ED9O3ZC
  13. D'Arcy Curran: The Currans, Book One (The Manhattan Stories 5) (English Edition)

    In 1861, in the small town of Manhattan, Kansas, the Curran girls have expectations of what their lives will be.D’Arcy, 12, redheaded and freckled, curious and rebellious, wants to grow up and dominate her world.Suzanne, not yet 18, wants only to marry her handsome lieutenant from Fort Riley, Jonathan Taylor.The beginning of the Civil War and Suzanne’s one night of passion sends everyone’s lives in an unexpected direction. Jonathan is sent to the battlefields that will determine the survival of the nation. To avoid scandal in their small town, the girls are sent to Detroit to live with family.They not only find a welcoming aunt and uncle, they discover a burgeoning city, both ugly and beautiful, rough and cultured, drunk and refined.As she matures, D’Arcy develops a friendship with the older boy next door, and it changes her opinion of men. Fate throws both girls undreamed-of twists, and D’Arcy is forced to cope. A rash decision changes everything.Will D’Arcy be prepared for the consequences?

    • ASIN: B01EGP43RU
  14. Post Rock Limestone Caryatids (English Edition)

    Like most people, Maeve Wolf lives in a cubicle. Who needs anything else when you can live your life through the screens that fill every wall? Yet she longs for more, and her drive for real connection to other people takes her out of the cubicle, onto the vast, abandoned, open prairie of Kansas. Along the way, she meets religious proselytizers, itinerant musicians, the Sisters of the Star (a ladies’ service club), and other misfits.What really makes Creager Ireland’s first novel unusual is its injection of nature writing into a dystopian future, while exploring themes around community, birth politics, and the needs of children. It’s unconventional and off-trend, and she doesn’t care.

    • ASIN: B00AWE6B8O
  15. Green Bike: a group novel (English Edition)

    Green Bike follows the lives of three couples, using the McGuffin, or shared symbol, of a classic Schwinn bike to link parallel tales. Following these tenuously linked tales, Green Bike is at once a muted romance, a graduate school bedroom romp, and a love letter to a dying mother. “Green Bike reads like jazz improvisational solos: each author works the narrative threads, making them distinct yet seamlessly interwoven to create a layered novel. Like the classic Schwinn of the title, this book will lead you on a wonderful adventure,” says Hardy Jones, author of Every Bitter Thing. Rabas calls the novel “a wild campus romp.” He said, “It’s at once a love story, a love triangle, a kunstlerroman (artist’s way novel), coming of age tale, wild college days tale, and tale about losing an aging loved one. How can it be all of these things? Because it’s a novel of parallel tales. We’re not just in one narrative. We’re in three.”

    • ASIN: B00NGRMND6
  16. God Loves You And Me Too (English Edition)

    This is the true story of Edward Broom, a man recently released from jail after being accused, incarcerated, and tried for the murder of his wife, Lakeyla Broom. During his two years of bondage, awaiting trial, Edward Broom looked to God for salvation, and found it. Told by Edward Broom himself, "GOD LOVES YOU AND ME TOO" depicts the life and times of the author before the death of his wife. From candy theft to armed robbery, from playing with guns as a child to putting a gun into his own mouth, from physical and sexual abuse to adultery and life or death situations, Edward Broom shares secrets with readers that very few know, and explains how God had a plan for him other than the life that he had been living. By prayer and study of God's written Word, the Holy Bible, the author of this book developed a personal relationship with God which would not allow him to live in the dark any longer. Forgiveness, truth, and love are just a few of the characteristics instilled in Edward Broom after surrendering his life to the Most High God. On his spiritual journey, Broom's new heart and spirit have caused him to minister to many, in hopes of bringing glory to God. Not dwelling on the past, but learning from it, Broom finds a connection between he and other criminals who seem to have no re...

    • ASIN: B07CX7JN5D

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Tour of our shop! The MANHATTAN REPTILE WORLD!!


We take you on a quick tour of our brick and mortar reptile shop, Manhattan reptile world.

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Thoughts From Places: Manhattan, Kansas


Monday makes a much-awaited thoughts from places about being in Manhattan, Kansas. :)

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What are Botanica shops and why are they leaving Manhattan?


Botanica shops are a common sight in West Harlem, New York City, where the Dominican population relies on them to buy items traditionally used in Santería. In recent years however, many have moved north to The Bronx due to increasing rent prices. This video was produced for a video class at C...

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The Fridge Liquor - Cocktail Genie - Manhattan, KS


Shop The Fridge, it's a magical place. Production by 502 Media Group

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Alan Clark Body Shop - Manhattan, Kansas


30-second spot for WIBW-TV

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