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  1. Born From Fire (Tales from the Longview Book 1) (English Edition)

    When love is crime, who will save the guilty?MEET THE LONGVIEW - An Ancient Spaceship Resurrected To Transport ConspiracyInhabited by a crew of misfits fleeing nightmare pasts, with a cargo of Condemned slated to die at the hands of the highest bidders, and with a passenger roster made up exclusively of people NOT who they claim to be, The Longview serves the hidden agenda of an eccentric recluse bent on playing puppetmaster to all of Settled Space.Author's note: This story was previously published as ENTER THE DEATH CIRCUS.EPISODE 1: When love is crime, who will save the guilty?After falling in love and fathering a child, a young criminal refuses to voluntarily throw himself into a lake of fire to gain his community's forgiveness. So he's sentenced to death and sold to the owner of a spaceship that buys criminals like him. But the ship and its crew are not quite what they appear to be.

    • ASIN: B01NBW8S2Z
  2. A Threat to His Family (Longview Ridge Ranch Book 2) (English Edition)

    He’ll protect his child at any cost.After discovering an intruder in his home, Deputy Owen Slater is terrified when he can’t find his infant daughter. He soon discovers his ranch manager is keeping her safe, leading him to realize Laney Martin is more than she seems. For the usually professional investigator, this case is extremely personal, and it leads right to Owen’s family. To get to the truth, they’ll need to work as a team, relying on every weapon in their arsenal—and sharing secrets they buried long ago.

    • ASIN: B07STCKCN2
  3. Mercury

    CD: Longview,Mercury

    • Brand: Pre Play
    • ASIN: B0009Y8MMA
    • UPC: 825646251827
  4. Safety Breach (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Longview Ridge Ranch, Book 1) (English Edition)

    Her safety is breached. Can he protect her?Gemma Hanson is being stalked by a serial killer. That’s the message Sheriff Kellan Slater personally delivers. Although Gemma and Kellan share an intense past, escaping the violence surrounding them is all that matters. Especially once Gemma realises nowhere is safe…

    • ASIN: B07T2NN4HC
  5. Longview (Alex's Bedtime Stories Book 9) (English Edition)

    This sexually explicit story recounts Alex's long-time love affair with Ramona.

    • ASIN: B00C1GJQBK
  6. Longview (Postcard History) (English Edition)

    Situated in the East Texas Piney Woods, Longview was established in 1870 when O. H. Methvin deeded land to the Southern Pacific to build a railroad station. The village became the county seat of Gregg County in 1873 and quickly prospered as a rail, cotton, and manufacturing center. The discovery of the East Texas Oil Field in 1930�1931 revealed that Longview sat in the middle of the world�s largest pool of petroleum. The boom had begun! Today Longview is home to almost 80,000 residents. The city that bills itself as �Real East Texas� is a manufacturing, medical, and educational center and home to such events as the Great Texas Balloon Race and AlleyFest arts festival.

    • ASIN: B0099V2928
  7. Longview (English Edition)

    Longview is a collection of 68 poems that address a wide range of topics to include philosophical questions, life experiences, and social issues. The author uses a variety of poetic forms, from the traditional to the contemporary, to express an insightful and entertaining perspective. Most evident is the writer's ability to blend thought, sound, and structure into the creation of a memorable work. Kathleen Venezia resides with her husband in Carmel, Indiana.

    • ASIN: B00NRAT1DW

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Longview-shops TOP VIDEO

Longview Shops destroyed by fire


Fire service still working on the fire that started in the early hours of 16th April 2015

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Longview shops destroyed by fire 2


Fire service still working on Longview shops almost 12 hours after the fire started on 16th April 2015

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longview shops destroyed in huyton fire liverpool


fire breaks out in huyton destroying shops

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huyton longview shops fire aftermath


via YouTube Capture

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Longview shops fire - the day after the fire - 17th April 2015


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