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  1. USAF F-105 Thunderchief vs VPAF MiG-17: Vietnam 1965-68 (Duel Book 95) (English Edition)

    The F-105D Thunderchief was originally designed as a low-altitude nuclear strike aircraft, but the outbreak of the Vietnam War led to it being used instead as the USAF's primary conventional striker against the exceptionally well-defended targets in North Vietnam and Laos. F-105 crews conducted long-distance missions from bases in Thailand, refuelling in flight several times and carrying heavy external bombloads.The MiG-17 was the lightweight, highly manoeuvrable defending fighter it encountered most often in 1965–68 during Operation Rolling Thunder. A development of the MiG-15, which shocked UN forces during the Korean War, its emphasis was on simplicity and ease of maintenance in potentially primitive conditions.Fully illustrated with stunning artwork, this book shows how these two aircraft, totally different in design and purpose, fought in a series of duels that cost both sides dearly.

    • ASIN: B07L6L83NH
  2. P-39/P-400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-sen: New Guinea 1942 (Duel Book 87) (English Edition)

    After the huge advances made in the early months of the Pacific war, it was in remote New Guinea where the advance of Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force (IJNAF) A6M Zero-sen fighters was first halted due to a series of offensive and defensive aerial battles ranging from treetop height up to 30,000 ft. Initially, the IJNAF fought Australian Kittyhawks, but by May 1942 they had fought themselves into oblivion, and were relieved by USAAF P-39 and P-400 Airacobras. The battles unfolded over mountainous terrain with treacherous tropical weather. Neither IJNAF or USAAF pilots had been trained for such extreme conditions, incurring many additional losses aside from those that fell in combat. Using specially commissioned artwork and contemporary photographs and testimony, this fascinating study explains how, despite their initial deficit in experience and equipment, the Airacobras managed to square the ledger and defend New Guinea.

    • ASIN: B07DFV5FBK
  3. Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' Units: 1937-42 (Combat Aircraft Book 63) (English Edition)

    The Aichi Type 99 Carrier Bomber (D3A) – code named 'Val' by Allied intelligence – was the mainstay of the Imperial Japanese Navy's carrier dive-bomber force from 1941 to 1943. It sank more Allied warship tonnage than any other Axis aircraft during World War 2. While the Val's participation in the major carrier battles has been widely covered in other English language sources, details of its operations have received scant attention in English. This book explores the Val's combat operations. Colour illustrations and photographs complement the development of dive-bombing methods in the IJN.

    • ASIN: B01BY34NF4
  4. Tales From Bluebell Forest And Dewdrop Valley: Dive The Kingfisher Worries About Her Home (English Edition)

    This is a short story about a kingfisher who after staying with a friend finds her home has been flooded and how her friends upon learning of the disaster rally around to make her home habitable again.The story starts:Dive the kingfisher stood in the doorway of her home in Dewdrop Valley looking up at the sky. The sun was disappearing behind a large grey cloud and there were even darker clouds on the way. Dive knew this meant that it was soon going to rain, and for a long time. She wasn’t at all concerned by this, after all she was a kingfisher and kingfishers are always getting wet, but in a short while she was due to go to Twitch the mouse’s home in Bluebell Forest and then go with her friend for an evening walk around the forest, and Twitch hated getting wet. So, unless the weather suddenly changed, that she knew was unlikely, the walk wouldn’t be taking place. Thankfully though although Twitch would be disappointed about not being able to go for a walk she was just as fond of spending evenings inside, so a change of plan wouldn’t really bother her. As for Dive, she enjoyed Twitch’s company wherever they were and whatever they were doing, so the change of plan wouldn’t bother her either.

    • ASIN: B00L29O6C6
  5. Hot Dive (English Edition)

    A Canadian soldier is severely wounded in Afghanistan and treated in the field by a combat nurse. Later he is recuperating on a beach in Mexico when he sees a woman about to be raped by a gang. He intervenes, and rescues her despite his disabilities. She turns out to be the nurse that saved his life. Together they cavort among the reefs of the carribean. Diving nude she nearly drowns when they attempt love-making underwater.A romantic adventure novel located in the jungles of Quintana Roo and Belize. Fast action and hot passion in this steamy adventure.

    • ASIN: B00CW0WHSO
  6. The Pony Girl Diva: Lesbian D/s Erotica (English Edition)

    Mona is a pop star diva with a naughty secret―she wants to be a pony girl so badly she can taste it. So far, she has only indulged her kink by writing and performing thinly-veiled songs about her favorite fetish. But since she is already fabulously wealthy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify denying herself what she desires most, just to make even more money. So, she tells her manager to shut down the tours and the recording sessions and then takes a year off, during which time she anonymously enrolls in an exclusive pony girl training program and lives out her dream. Big surprise, she becomes the star pony of her class!

    • ASIN: B076FJK7BH
  7. Happy Everyday Sam (English Edition)

    Death, the fleeting of material forms and the power of energy and our human vibration. A short philosophical read about friendship.

    • ASIN: B07NJMT4KY
  8. C-Note: 8 months in a New Orleans dive bar (English Edition)

    New Orleans is a colorful city. This book is about an off-color skid row bar where I worked as a piano playing bartender for 8 months while I lived in a garret upstairs. It's a day by day recounting of dealing with an endless parade of drunks, ex-cons, drug addicts, hookers and other unsavory characters ... all while I played a gorgeous grand piano and serve the denizens copious booze. From January 2001, through Mardi Gras and on to the beginning of August I spent nearly every waking moment in the bar. I rarely was gone for more than a few hours. I had the opportunity to not just observe the denizens, but become their friends. I came to know some 200 denizens and the owner and his girlfriend -- all of whom were the epitome of alcoholic, violent, crazed, criminal lunatics of the sort that would make rational decent people cringe. I managed to eek out 8 months there. At first I thought it was a piano bar ... I discovered quickly it was a bar with a piano. A bar that the cops passed by slowly every time, to see if the denizens were contained and out of harm's way. The harm to themselves, and to any innocent passerby was extraordinary. From nearly the first days there, as I found what the customers were like, I decided to write a book about it. I wrote it as it happened. It took plac...

    • ASIN: B00RW8XJ8I
  9. Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Instructor and Dive Buddy (English Edition)

    Diveheart promotes an Adaptive Dive Team protocol so everyone has the same fundamental knowledge. This manual is targeted to Adaptive Scuba Instructor, Adaptive Dive Buddies and introduces the new Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy certification. It encompasses the best practices in the industry and will serve as a dynamic field manual for dive professionals and dive buddies working with individuals with a variety of abilities.Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Instructors will use this manual, along with the open water course materials of their certifying training agency, to teach individuals with disabilities how to dive, and will also use this manual to train eligible divers to become specially-certified to serve as a member of an Adaptive Dive Team.After the Adaptive Diver and his team are certified and squared away, there will be only one ting left to do: Imagine the Possibilities!

  10. Disposable Divas (English Edition)

    It’s the worst heat wave in recent memory in St. Paul, Minnesota. Someone is killing drag queens.Jim and Sean Katz, owners of gay bar Dudes and Divas, pride themselves on their ability to provide a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere for their patrons. When a drag queen is found dead next to the dumpster behind the bar, it sets off a chain of events that have some questioning whether they are involved.Detective Kloss, a ten year veteran of the police force, is assigned to the case. The alleyway behind the bar is a magnet for illicit activity. Conflicting evidence leads him to question whether the murders are random or planned. The gay community wants answers. Why won’t the police fulfill their duties to find and arrest the killers? Are they dragging their feet on purpose because all of the victims are drag queens? Will a violent storm that ends the heat wave reveal the identity of the killers or erase all evidence forever?

    • ASIN: B00EBY4J4Y

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Jim ' S Dive Shop TOP VIDEO

Jims Dive Shop Video

Jim ' S Dive Shop

Diving off the east coast of Florida. Great video of a dive wreck along with lots of fish, lobster and even a shark.

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Jim's Dive Shop Gulf Trip August 26, 2008

Jim ' S Dive Shop

SCUBA trip on popular West Central Florida wrecks.Florida's West Central Spearfishing, cobia, barracuda, amberjack and sharks.

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Dive #1 Boynton Beach - August 5, 2018

Jim ' S Dive Shop

Drift diving the ledges of Boynton Beach, Florida.

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Jim's Dive Shop Boynton Beach, Fl. Dive Trip August 2008

Jim ' S Dive Shop

A SCUBA trip to the reefs of Palm Beach County Florida. See tropical fish, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks and the wreck of the "Captain Tony".

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Big Jims Rottnest Scuba try Dive 2018

Jim ' S Dive Shop

Big Jim McCanns first Dive

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