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  1. Miraculous Abundance: One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World

    When Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer set out to create their farm in an historic Normandy village, they had no idea just how much their lives would change. Neither one had ever farmed before. Charles had been circumnavigating the globe by sail, operating a floating school that taught students about ecology and indigenous cultures. Perrine had been an international lawyer in Japan. Each had returned to France to start a new life. Eventually, Perrine joined Charles in Normandy, and Le Ferme du Bec Hellouin was born. Bec Hellouin has since become a celebrated model of innovative, ecological agriculture in Europe, connected to national and international organizations addressing food security, heralded by celebrity chefs as well as the Slow Food movement, and featured in the inspiring and COLCOA award-winning documentary film, Demain. Miraculous Abundance is the eloquent tale of the couple's evolution from creating a farm to sustain their family to delving into an experiment in how to grow the most food possible, in the most ecological way possible, and create a farm model that can carry us into a post-carbon future when oil is no longer moving goods and services, energy is scarcer, and localization is a must. Today, the farm produces a variety of vegetables using a mix of perma...

    • ASIN: B0741G62Q1
  2. Paradise Lot: Two Plant Geeks, One-Tenth of an Acre, and the Making of an Edible Garden Oasis in the City (English Edition)

    When Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates moved into a duplex in a run-down part of Holyoke, Massachusetts, the tenth-of-an-acre lot was barren ground and bad soil, peppered with broken pieces of concrete, asphalt, and brick. The two friends got to work designing what would become not just another urban farm, but a "permaculture paradise" replete with perennial broccoli, paw paws, bananas, and moringa—all told, more than two hundred low-maintenance edible plants in an innovative food forest on a small city lot. The garden—intended to function like a natural ecosystem with the plants themselves providing most of the garden's needs for fertility, pest control, and weed suppression—also features an edible water garden, a year-round unheated greenhouse, tropical crops, urban poultry, and even silkworms.In telling the story of Paradise Lot, Toensmeier explains the principles and practices of permaculture, the choice of exotic and unusual food plants, the techniques of design and cultivation, and, of course, the adventures, mistakes, and do-overs in the process. Packed full of detailed, useful information about designing a highly productive permaculture garden, Paradise Lot is also a funny and charming story of two single guys, both plant nerds, with a wild plan: to realize the gar...

    • ASIN: B00BCLJA02
  3. Green Acres (Gershwin & Penrose) (English Edition)

    A short story in the Rhapsody Gershwin series, set in Knavesborough, a fictional Yorkshire village. First published in the anthology "The Red Shoes". C 4500 words. Now you can find out what happened to a couple of the quirky inhabitants since we left them at the end of "The Cosy Knave". Mrs Vanilla McVities, the former cook of Netherfield Manor, has bought an old mansion and converted it into an old people's home. Rhapsody Gershwin, librarian and amateur sleuth, pops in to visit a neighbour and finds herself on the business end of murder.A sheep dog also plays an important role in the story - you'd be barking to miss this one!

    • ASIN: B00K0JFMEU
  4. Hundred Acres (Colored Vinyl) [Vinyl LP]

    • Brand: JAGJAGUWAR
    • ASIN: B077MW6MZ2
    • UPC: 656605231136
  5. The Last Days of Summer

    'Opens Vanessa Ronan's literary career the way dynamite opens a safe ... beautiful and invigoratingly shocking' Joseph O'Connor, Irish TimesMid-July in Texas. Cicadas shed their dry summer skins, the scent of roses hangs heavy in the still air, and a woman sits alone on her porch at dusk, watching the empty, merciless prairie, its light falling to darkness. He's coming home.Upstairs, Lizzie knows, her daughters are safe in their beds. Joanne, still young enough to smile at strangers, one last summer of childhood left in her. Katie, already a beauty, the first flush of womanhood blooming on her skin. Both sleeping soundly. But out beyond the boundary of their land, the townspeople sleep fitfully. Too many have heard that Jasper is coming back - folk who know him of old, who remember what he did - men who will make it their business to see he doesn't stay too long round these parts ...'Vivid storytelling. ... makes your fingers tremble when you turn the pages. The terror and the pity of it will stay with you for a long time'Sunday Times'A powerful, formidable debut. Vanessa Ronan is a natural storyteller and what a gripping, dark, compelling story this is' Donal Ryan'Written with poetry and vision. With a blistering ending that leaves you racing to its conclusion ...' Stylist'Shade...

    • Brand: Penguin Books Ltd
    • ASIN: 0241974976
  6. Green Acres Theme (English Edition)

    Digital Sheet Music of Green Acres ThemeComposed by: Vic MizzyPerformed by: Vic Mizzy

    • ASIN: B00DK3WNO0
  7. The Diet of God (English Edition)

    An evaluation of the Hallelujah Diet created by George Malkmus.

    • ASIN: B003OIBH2U
  8. Green Acres: A True Story (English Edition)

    Lane Mosby decided to live the life hed always dreamed of. After his retirement, Lane and his wife decided to buy acreage in California to practice farming. They owned animals, planted fruit trees and erected a greenhouse. In 1979, they headed to Oklahoma and bought 40 acres to become small scale ranchers. What made this even more special is that Lane is a former engineer-turned rancher.Like the familiar TV show Green Acres, Lane found his new lifestyle unfamiliar. Oklahoma meant starting over making new friends and living at a slower pace. Could he make this dream of his work?

    • ASIN: B0793THBZG
  9. Ink and Rhyme Storytime (English Edition)

    Read aloud poetry with delightfully inked pictures that tell a story and will engage a child's imagination. Bound to become a beloved bed time read along for both parents & children. Have a little adventure with every little rhyme. #inkyadventure


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Green Acres-shops TOP VIDEO

Green Acres Kennel Shop

Green Acres-shops

Our latest TV spot for Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, ME... Featuring Green Acres spokesdogs, Rex & Sparky. For more info on our video and animation services, visit us at

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Deli Services Reflect GreenAcres’ Philosophy of Making a Difference

Green Acres-shops

The deli at GreenAcres Markets reflects the company’s mission of making a difference in people’s lives by making it easier to eat healthy when you’re on the run. GreenAcres operates delis in its markets in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and at its flagship store in the Bradley Fair shopping center i...

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The GreenAcres Market Philosophy

Green Acres-shops

From the day it opened in 1994, GreenAcres Markets has been committed to educating the public about the benefits of eating organic, healthy foods and using natural supplements to achieve an optimal state of health. For more information, please go to

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Homestead Butcher Shop: Processing chickens at Baker's Green Acres

Green Acres-shops

Join Jill and the crew in the Baker's Green Acres butcher shop today. We're "custom processing" other people's pasture poultry birds and answer one frequently asked questions. Anyone Can Farm Homestead Guild, and we can help. Contact us if we can help with processing your birds: www.BakersGree...

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Who is Green Acre Homestead?

Green Acres-shops

Welcome to Green Acre Homestead! Watch our Latest Video: Subscribe to Our Channel: Amazon Support Link: Shop Our Homestead Store: Swing by our Etsy Shop:

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