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  1. Mystic Falls (A Coyote Wells Mystery Book 1) (English Edition)

    Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate.Emotionally reeling after the death of her grandmother, Gemma Channing is settling into Coyote Wells, the hometown where she grew up, after a ten-year absence. While coming to terms with the loss of her Gram, disturbing things begin to happen. Women are disappearing. Just when she begins to realize Coyote Wells has changed—and not for the better—she’s forced to bump heads with Lando Bonner, her ex, a man who still carries around a grudge. But since she’s digging for answers trying to explain exactly how her grandmother died, she needs his help. It won’t be easy. Lando has never forgiven her for leaving him. Tensions flair between the two as a killer grips the town in fear. Is it kill or be killed? Who will the killer target next? And when will it all end?

    • ASIN: B07778YLW8
  2. Shadow Canyon (A Coyote Wells Mystery Book 2) (English Edition)

    Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate.Exhausted from dealing with the annual Sun Bringer Festival, Gemma Channing and her ex, Lando Bonner, are hanging out at the beach, trying to recover from the three-day event when her longtime nemesis is found dead on the sand dunes. As rumors grow about Mallory's demise, many in Coyote Wells feel like Gemma is responsible.Determined to find out who did it, Gemma goes into overdrive to find the real killer. With the help of Lando and her friends, they dig deeper into Mallory’s past, hoping to uncover all of her secrets. But they get more than they bargained for when the tables turn. The new theory brings a longtime mystery to the forefront, one that’s been hanging around for three decades…unsolved. What does it mean for the people in Coyote Wells when the secret’s uncovered? And will Gemma be able to figure things out before anyone else dies?

    • ASIN: B07B2PNR8W
  3. Spirit Lake (A Coyote Wells Mystery Book 3) (English Edition)

    Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate.It's the middle of summer and Gemma Channing is dealing with a host of issues that’s driving her straight up the wall. Small town politics. Wedding jitters. A crazy competitor from out of town. And now a serial killer.Chief of Police Lando Bonner has his hands full with a crime wave. A string of burglaries and petty thefts are keeping him hopping. A decades-old, unsolved murder is now stalled, and he can't seem to identify the young teenage victim. On top of all that, someone wants them dead. No matter how hard Gemma tries, chocolate won’t fix this dilemma. But she’s determined to find a solution. Her decision to put her meddling ways behind her for good is lousy timing, but it unlocks a unique trust between her and Lando that hasn’t been there before. Will they ever reach their wedding day? Or will a serial killer, bent on covering up his crimes, get the best of them?It's all happening in this 3rd installment to Coyote Wells, a town reaped in history with its share of quirky characters.

    • ASIN: B07FSD456J
  4. Ireland in Brick and Stone: The Island's History in Its Buildings (English Edition)

    Ireland in Brick and Stone takes 50 buildings and other man-made constructions from different parts of Ireland and uses them to illustrate the history of the island over 1,500 years. All but three of the buildings are still surviving and they offer us a very personal way into history by teasing out the context in which each building was constructed, the uses to which it was put and the people associated with it.For example, Rockfleet Castle is a tower house in Co. Mayo, typical of a kind of building from the late medieval period to be found all over Ireland. It was a stronghold of the Burkes of Mayo, into which family Grace O'Malley – otherwise known as Granuaile – married in the 1540s. Ireland in Brick and Stone says very little about the castle itself but uses it as a chance to discuss the Burkes and other Norman settlers in late medieval Connacht, as well as the story of Granuaile herself.Another example from more modern times is the small Marian Shrine in the Liberties in Dublin, built for the centenary of Catholic Emancipation in 1929. It is used as a starting point to describe religious devotion and the power of the Catholic Church in twentieth-century Ireland. Other buildings in the book include Robinson & Cleaver's department store in Belfast; the English Market in Co...

    • ASIN: B00912AOL8
  5. Goldpiraten auf Schloss Castletown (PANKI 02)

    Ullis Opa gewinnt eine Reise für zwei Personen und schenkt diese den Freunden. Ulli und Tinus fliegen gemeinsam nach England, um auf Schloss Castletown ihre Ferien zu verbringen. Früher spukte dort der alte Schlossgeist Gospodar, doch auch während des Aufenthaltes der Freunde ereignen sich merkwürdige Dinge. Zufällig entdecken die Kinder die Höhle von langgesuchten Goldschmugglern und geraten dadurch in Gefahr. Aber zum Glück gibt es ja PANKI.

    • ASIN: B002TVWGSC
  6. Resources on Grand Houses and Castles in Ireland (English Edition)

    This eBook lists resources and information relating to grand houses and castles in Ireland. The lists are by no means complete, and the author hopes to add to them over time.She started putting together some of the resources and information for her own purposes, for her own research. Then she decided that others might find the information useful too, and so she has self-published it.The owners of the grand houses and castles in Ireland have had a varied, colourful history. In the past, many had plenty of power and few restrictions on that power. Some were cruel, some were eccentric, many were absent, and some made an effort to help others. The majority of the people of Ireland have had little interest in the past in these houses and castles, the homes of people who often oppressed them. In recent times, however, they have come to value them more. The houses are part of our history, and history is worth exploring, to gain insights, fresh perspectives and so on. Moreover, the lives of the majority of Irish people were bound up with the grand houses and castles. Irish people built the castles and grand houses, worked in them as craftspeople and servants, and lived on the estates as tenants. Money gained from Irish land and resources funded the estates.There has been a lot of researc...

    • ASIN: B07R87XMD2
  7. THE PHYNODDERREE - 5 Illustrated Children's Tales from the Isle of Man (English Edition)

    IN no part of the British Isles has the belief in the existence of Fairies retained a stronger hold upon the people than in the Isle of Man. In spite of the tendency of this “matter-of-fact age” to destroy what little of poetry, romance, and chivalry education has left to us, there lurks still in many countries, and especially in mountainous districts, a half credulity in the supernatural.This volume rescues from oblivion a few of the Manx legends which are related in full:Mona's Isle,the Phynodderree, or the Hairy One (from whence this book obtains its title),Tom Kewley and the Lannanshee,King Olave The Second and the Great Sword Macabuin, andthe Buggane's Vow.Many legends of good, and evil, Fairies are still related by the country people of Mona's Isle; and those who care to inquire into the habits and customs of the Manx cottagers will see and hear much that will reward their curiosity. It is not the mere excursionist, visiting the Island for a summer holiday who will ever learn or see anything of these customs, but those who branch off the high road and venture into the recesses of the mountain districts.In the course of conversations on the lingering belief in Fairies, a regular attendant at a local Church, and a well-to-do farmer expressed his implicit conviction that s...

    • ASIN: B079NSW45Y
  8. The Castle-Town Tragedy and Other Tales of Carnacki, the Ghost-finder (English Edition)

    Even in the peace and plenty of the Edwardian era, malevolent denizens of the “Outer Circle” seek entrance to our world and the British Isles have no better defender than Thomas Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder!In three brand-new tales of William Hope Hodgson’s occult detective, Carnacki faces tortured spirits, powerful other-worldly entities and things that go bump in the night. But, armed with an array of scientific instruments, a vast knowledge of the occult, and fueled by a drive to dispel the mysteries and horrors of the world, Carnacki welcomes the challenge.For over a century, the exploits of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder have delighted and thrilled fans of both mystery and ghost fiction and these stories are no exception!

    • ASIN: B071P7QS19
  9. Conolly of Co. Kildare (The Gentry & Aristocracy of Co. Kildare) (English Edition)

    Perhaps the greatest individual phenomenon of 18th century Ireland was the rise of Speaker Conolly, an innkeeper’s son from Donegal who the most powerful man of his generation. His magnificent Palladian residence at Castletown House, Celbridge, is one of the Irish nation’s greatest treasures. The Speaker’s eventual heir, “Squire Tom” Conolly was to the forefront of Irish politics in the lead up to the disastrous Rebellion of 1798 and married one of the beautiful Lennox sisters. In one particularly audacious adventure, another Tom Conolly attempted to run the Charlston Blockade in the American Civil War and was home in Donegal in time for an election. The house passed from the Conolly-Carew family in 1966 and is now open to the public.

    • ASIN: B07G5FH5N1
  10. The Silent Tomb of Mr Castletown (An Education for Miss Verity Goodsense) (English Edition)

    ‘A wickedly funny and disturbing satire from a sharp and original pen.’ April De Angelis - West End playwright, dramatist and Olivier Award nominee.When Mr and Mrs Goodsense take their daughter, Verity, to start university in the north of England, they foresee an emotional day. Nothing however could have prepared them for the horrors that await them in the nearby town or inside the strange home of Mr Castletown and his poisonous manservant. Is this your town? Is this your university? Is your child about to fly the nest to start a degree? Then BEWARE! This short gothic novella is NOT for the faint of heart so, please, in the name of all that you hold dear, READ SOMETHING ELSE!! Sometimes it is better not to know...

    • ASIN: B00HGUZVN8
  11. A Victorian Visit to Castletown, Port St. Mary and Port Erin (English Edition)

    At the end of the 19th century, the Isle of Man was a popular tourist destination. Steamship ferries brought visitors from Liverpool, Whitehaven, Fleetwood, Greenock, Glasgow and Belfast. To help them make the most of their stay, travel guides were published which provided information about the towns and villages, places to visit, walks, excursions, history, geology, the weather …. in fact just about everything a visitor would want or need to know.This 50 page booklet reproduces pages from Black’s Guide to the Isle of Man, published in 1888, relating to the south of the island and seventeen photographs of the same area taken between 1880 and 1920, plus a general history of the whole island.The detail provided by the text is quite remarkable, with historical facts, folklore, directions to places of interest in the vicinity and suggested walks. The photographs and the text complement each other and enable us to travel back in time to visit this small but historically rich British isle.

    • ASIN: B0115MCAYU
  12. Conolly of Co. Kildare Ireland (The Gentry & Aristocracy of Kildare Book 11) (English Edition)

    Conolly is just one of the eighteenfamilies that featured in the original book The Gentry & Aristocracy of Kildare published in 2004 and now out of print. In this series 11/12 books will be published in total making all the data relating to the 18 families available. The material for all the books was gleaned from all available printed sources and in many cases from family members living in 2004. Most of the images are originals. Most books contain an Index and Footnotes. The material has been updated as of 2013.

    • ASIN: B07HXRX2QX
  13. The Children of Castletown House (English Edition)

    Castletown House, Ireland's largest and earliest Palladian-style house, was built between 1722 and 1729 for William Conolly, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons and the wealthiest commoner in Ireland. In 1967, the house was bought by the Hon. Desmond Guinness, founder of the Irish Georgian Society and opened to the public. In 1994, ownership of the house was transferred to the State, and it is now managed by the Office of Public Works.Castletown House, a history, is the story of that house, written by the children who grew up there, Baroness Diana Wrangle Conolly Carew, the Hon. Sarah McPherson & their brother, the Hon. Gerald Edward Ian Maitland-Carew.In this fascinating history, the character of the house is brought to life through its former residents, together with stories of their Olympic medals, the chance survival of the house through the Civil War, and tales of visiting royalty to the greatest of Ireland’s great houses.

    • ASIN: B00ME46UC2

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Castletown Shops TOP VIDEO

Tcad WIN News - Man tasered at Castletown shops

Castletown Shops

Police were called to Castletown Shopping Centre about 11.15am after a man, believed to be affected by drugs, caused a disturbance, with police using a Taser to subdue the man.

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Castletown & Thereabouts (full video)

Castletown Shops

Castletown and thereabouts Starts off in outer space and - ends up in the cemetery 1, Outer space 2, Hylton Castle 3, Hylton Dene & Sledging 4, Along Ferryboat Lane 5, The Oak Tree 6, North Hylton 7, River 8, Hylton Colliery & Durham Miners Gala 9, Castletown Inn 10, Scout Hut & Acti...

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[Preview] Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Malo Mart

Castletown Shops

Wii U - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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Kildare Shopping Village | The best place to shop at in Ireland

Castletown Shops

Kildare shopping village is a discounted luxury brands shopping destination very close to Dublin in Kildare County, Ireland. Most of the brands here sell their products at discounted prices. If you are in Ireland and a shopaholic, then this place is a must visit, there is something for everyone h...

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D&D Ambience - Small Marketplace

Castletown Shops

There are limited traders here; pastries, trinkets, linen, cookware, and other assorted stalls. But it is the woman selling those oddities and curiosities that interests me the most... ------- Shorter, audio-only version available for download here:

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