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  1. Live at Caesars Palace

    Diana Ross - Live At Caesars Palace [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UICY-76870

    • ASIN: B00O3GS9TQ
  2. Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh (English Edition)

    Queen - or, as she would prefer to be remembered King - Hatchepsut was an astonishing woman. Brilliantly defying tradition she became the female embodiment of a male role, dressing in men's clothes and even wearing a false beard. Forgotten until Egptologists deciphered hieroglyphics in the 1820's, she has since been subject to intense speculation about her actions and motivations. Combining archaeological and historical evidence from a wide range of sources, Joyce Tyldesley's dazzling piece of detection strips away the myths and misconceptions and finally restores the female pharaoh to her rightful place.

    • ASIN: B002RI9HJS
  3. An Ordinary Man in an Extraordinary Place at an Extraordinary Time: A Memoir (English Edition)

    If I had a chance to live my life over, I would not choose any other time or place other than the one I lived through. These are the things I will never forget--and the people who lived them with me.

    • ASIN: B07WT854GK
  4. Der große rote Sohn

    Jedes Jahr findet im Caesars Palace in Las Vegas die Verleihung der Adult Video News Awards statt, der Oscars der Pornoindustrie. Im Auftrag der Zeitschrift Premiere besucht David Foster Wallace 1998 die Preisverleihung sowie die zugehörige Pornomesse und lässt sich dort von Branchenjournalisten mit so schönen Namen wie Dick Filth die subtilen Hierarchien, erbittertsten Branchenfehden und wildesten Gerüchte dieser ziemlich flamboyanten Parallelkultur näherbringen. Er schreibt über geklaute Trophäen, größenwahnsinnige Regisseure, naturschöne Darstellerinnen, wahre Klischees und das Pornobusiness als gänzlich ironiefreie Zone.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: tacheles
    • ASIN: 3864844037
  5. Mel Brooks - Die verrückte Geschichte der Welt

    • Brand: 20th Century Fox
    • ASIN: B000BCINV0
  6. Las Vegas Redemption: Pastor Trey Coyle and the reincarnation of Sarno's Ghost (English Edition)

    Want to get back to Las Vegas when it was FUN? Pastor Trey Coyle has father issues – while Sarno’s Ghost, his partner-in-Sin-City-slapstick, just has issues...The trick to being a trickster is not trickiness, it’s persistence. You’ll never get a better laugh than the one you reap from simply tickling someone who trusts you. What’s the secret sauce? The indescribably-delicious comedy magic? Keep tickling.“So I race in the back of this casino, and there’s your friend, and he’s on his knees and I swear the man is praying to these giant statues of... I don’t know what to call them... The Pride of Lubbock, maybe.”I grinned. There ain’t no snob like an East Texas snob. “You were at Harrah’s – and, yeah, I think Sarno’s Ghost was playing with you. The gods of his idolatry are Buck and Winnie Greenback, and their little dog Chip.”It’s a gorgeous piece of statuary, for what that’s worth, public art expressing this subliminal marketing message, in its abbreviated form: “And the horse you rode in on, Jasper!”Buck and Winnie are dripping with money, first because that’s just what happens when you come to Vegas, and second because, “Who the hell are you to call me gauche?” Buck is settled, satisfied with his spending displays, but Winnie is just a...

    • ASIN: B0768Q19GR
  7. Dogs from V-Gas

    • Brand: BLACKOUT
    • ASIN: B003N7EB4S
    • UPC: 602517271692
  8. Tension Is Running High (English Edition)

    Tension is running high. In less than a week’s time, there have been five murders in posh Las Vegas hotel rooms. With curfews enforced and precautionary measures in place, law enforcement agents were on edge as well. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the murders. The victims have nothing in common except for their mode of execution. They have all have brain injuries. From The Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay and Planet Hollywood, no one was safe. The entire city of Las Vegas was in panic. No one slept at night. A killer was on the loose. Law enforcement agents were working overtime, especially Detective Jack Johnson. But a sloppy slip-up is carelessly made, everything begins to unravel. The nightmare is soon to end…or, is it just beginning?Las Vegas law enforcement agent, Jack Johnson, is one of the detectives handling the cases. He takes a keen interest in the serial killings as well as in the serial killer himself. Jack is a very talented and intuitive detective but his real passion lies in the field of psychiatric science and medicine. As the cases unfold, so is a huge advance in the area of psychiatric neurology. He is about to see exactly how the two would mix.With the killer up for trial of the multiple murders, world-reno...

  9. Live At Caesars Palace

    still sealed ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISSTslight ringwear, cutout hole - still sealed - .Label: Motown.Published: 1981

    • ASIN: B000MQTUJY
  10. Live at Caesars Palace

    • ASIN: B00005OLDE
    • UPC: 013431650225
  11. 4D Cityscape 40020 Las Vegas Puzzle

    PLEASE NOTE: This game is in English and MAY NOT contain a translation into your language. This puzzle recreates the famous Las Vegas skyline, not only in three dimensions using scale-model buildings, but also along the fourth dimension of time - spanning 70 years of architectural history.The puzzle includes 43 casino replicas that depict the city as it appeared as far back as 1946 through to 2015. The puzzle includes iconic structures such as The Tropicana, Stratosphere, MGM Grand, Caesar's Palace and The Wynn. Each building fits into pre-cut holes in a traditional 2D jigsaw puzzle composed of 896 pieces that form the city's street layout. The product includes a Time Poster that directs you through time as you rebuild the Las Vegas skyline history

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: 4D Cityscape
    • ASIN: B0041O41XI
    • UPC: 798525957960
  12. Constantius II: Usurpers, Eunuchs and the Antichrist (English Edition)

    The reign of Constantius II has been overshadowed by that of his titanic father, Constantine the Great, and his cousin and successor, the pagan Julian. However, as Peter Crawford shows, Constantius deserves to be remembered as a very capable ruler in dangerous, tumultuous times. When Constantine I died in in 337, the twenty-year-old Constantius and his two brothers, Constans and Constantine II, all recieved the title of Augustus to reign as equal co-emperors. In 340, however, Constantine II was killed in a fraternal civil war with Constans. The two remaining brothers shared the Empire for the next ten years, with Constantius ruling Egypt and the Asian provinces, constantly threatened by the Sassanid Persian Empire. However, Constans in turn was killed by the usurper Magentius in 350. Constantius refused to accept this fait accompli, made war on Magentius and defeated him at the battles of Mursa Major and Mons Seleucus, leading him to commit suicide.Constantius, was now sole ruler of the Empire but it was an empire beset by external enemies. Constantius campaigned successfully against the Germanic Alamanni along the Rhine and the Quadi and Sarmatians across the Danube, as well as against the Persians in the East, though with more mixed results. In 360 he elevated his cousin Julian...

    • ASIN: B01M5AZ9VO
  13. 10-Minute Guide to Touring the Las Vegas Strip: By Johnny Kampis (English Edition)

    Kampis' 10-minute guides give you the vital need-to-know information about your destination without all the filler. And with his money-saving tips you should save many times over the low price of each eBook.

    • ASIN: B01D903LZI
  14. Berlitz Pocket Guide Las Vegas (Travel Guide eBook)

    Berlitz Pocket Guide Las Vegas is a concise, full-colour travel guide that combines lively text with vivid photography to highlight the very best that this spectacular city has to offer. The Where to Go chapter details all the key sights, including The Fremont Street Experience, the CityCenter and the Big Shot and the mega resorts on The Strip. There are also excursions to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon National Park. Handy maps on the cover help you get around Las Vegas with ease. To inspire you, the book offers a rundown of the Top 10 Attractions in the city, followed by an itinerary for a Perfect Day in Las Vegas. The What to Do chapter gives you the lowdown on the most popular games, the best entertainment shows, and the city's nightlife, sports and other activities. You'll also be armed with background information, including a brief history of the city and an Eating Out chapter covering the city's best cuisine. There are carefully chosen listings for the best hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas, and an A-Z to equip you with all the practical information you will need.

  15. Frommer's EasyGuide to Las Vegas 2019 (English Edition)

    Up-to-date and to-the-point, Frommer’s EasyGuide to Las Vegas 2019 supplies a thorough yet portable plan for taking on Sin City—and winning big! With the most trusted name in travel showing you the way, you’ll experience the megawatt glitz of the Vegas Strip, relive the old-school glamour of the Rat Pack’s heyday, and try gourmet cuisine crafted by some of the world’s best-known chefs. Everything has been freshly researched and updated for 2019—a must in a city where things change faster than you can say “mama needs a new pair of shoes!” Frommer’s EasyGuide to Las Vegas 2019 contains: Tons of useful maps, including a detachable foldout one Itineraries by interest so you can explore the city by iconic sights, plan the perfect bachelorette party, or take in the wonders (Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and more) that are an easy drive from the city Excursions beyond the casinos to enjoy Vegas’s luxe spas, unparalleled shopping, surprisingly compelling history museums and nearby natural attractions Entertainment and nightlife covering everything from lavish Cirque du Soleil spectacles to risqué revues and all-night dance parties Candid reviews that run the gamut of places to eat, stay, play, and shop—from the budget-friendly to the ultra-luxe Helpful pla...

    • ASIN: B07BBQ2FXP
  16. Nevada Las - tips first visit to Vegas (English Edition)

    Tips for your first visit to Las Vegas,this short ebook could save you a lot of money !!

    • ASIN: B00G4JCESW
  17. Full Service Blonde (A Copper Black Mystery Book 2) (English Edition)

    In this prequel to Megan Edwards’ GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA, aspiring journalist Copper Black investigates the violent death of an outspoken prostitute from one of Nevada’s legal brothels. As she seeks the truth, evades enemies, and foils a sinister plot against her brother, she faces boyfriend problems, learns surprising family secrets, and tries to get her Christmas shopping done.

    • ASIN: B01MUG30X7
  18. Las Vegas : histoire & architecture (French Edition)

    Ce qui se passe à Vegas, reste à Vegas. Ce dicton célèbre veut tout dire : une ville américaine, entourée d’une frontière naturelle hostile, incarne l’oasis de débauche architecturale, matérielle, énergétique, alimentaire, ludique à laquelle on se rend pour profiter de la vie sans penser à son quotidien. On compte des centaines de films dont l’action se déroule à Las Vegas du « Fantastique homme colosse » sorti en 1957 à « Jason Bourne » sorti en 2016. On a aussi en tête, les scènes loufoques de « Very Bad Trip » et le déluge de stars des films « Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve et Thirteen ».Dans le monde de la musique, la ville s’est imposée comme une scène incontournable. Les plus grands artistes ont souhaité s’y produire une fois comme Johnny Hallyday ou plusieurs années de suite comme Frank Sinatra ou Céline Dion.Il est temps de comprendre pourquoi cette ville est aussi originale. Et pour cela, il faut s'intéresser à son histoire et son architecture


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Caesars Palace Shop TOP VIDEO

Walking through The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas in 4K HD - November 2017

Caesars Palace Shop

Subscribe for more video's: Check out my channel: Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: ------------------ In this video you can see a video of me walking through The Forum Shops ...

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Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Hotel - Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Shop

Forum Shops are known as "The Shopping Wonder of the World". It is the luxury shopping destination of Las Vegas and it is really spectacular.

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Tags: Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Hotel,Forum Shops,Forum Shops Mall,shopping,Caesars Palace Hotel,La...

Caesar's Forum Shops 4K

Caesars Palace Shop

Support the channel by donating with Patreon: 1 - GoPro Hero 7 Black 1 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 1 - DJI Osmo Mobile 2 2 – Zoom H1 Hand...

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Mall Meandering (Ep. 116): Forum Shops at Caesars - Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Shop

Walking through the Forum Shops at Caesars. Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to My Channel: All footage is shot by me and may not be used without permission. I do not own any still photos or music in video. ...

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Caesars Palace and The Forum Shops - Las Vegas walk-thru

Caesars Palace Shop

Hope you enjoy our vlog as we walk around aimlessly around Caesars Palace Casino and The Forum Shops. Highly recommended YouTube channels for Las Vegas living are: Not Leaving Las Vegas Wooo Vegas

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