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  1. Boca Raton (Warmer collection) (English Edition)

    A mother’s latent fears rise as relentlessly as the Florida seas in a startling story of a planet, and an imagination, under pressure, by the New York Times bestselling author of Fates and Furies.During an eco-friendly cleanup at the beach, Ange finds something horrifying in the brush. The sickening, heartbreaking evidence of an irreversibly changing earth triggers dread about the future for her daughter. But as reasoned worries slide into paranoia, reality itself begins to untether. For Ange, there may be no stepping back from the destructive darkness of her sleepless nights.Lauren Groff’s Boca Raton is part of Warmer, a collection of seven visions of a conceivable tomorrow by today’s most thought-provoking authors. Alarming, inventive, intimate, and frightening, each story can be read, or listened to, in a single breathtaking sitting.

    • ASIN: B07H7BV4MN
  2. Weekino Mizner Park Boca Raton Amerika USA Kühlschrankmagnet 3D Kristallglas Tourist City Travel Souvenir Collection Geschenk Stark Kühlschrank Aufkleber

                                       DIE PRÄSIDENTESTEN STADTREISEN SOUVENIR !!!1. Mehr - Über 200 Länder, 2000 Städte, mehr als 10000 Stadtsouvenirs in unserem Geschäft. Bitte suchen oder klicken Sie auf die Marke "Weekino Souvenir", um mehr anzuzeigen.2. Kundenspezifisch - Alle Produkte in unserem Shop unterstützen die Anpassung. Wenn Sie ein schönes Design haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an uns.

    • Color: Us-245
    • Brand: Weekino
    • ASIN: B07SD5MP42
  3. Boca Dreams (2018 Advent Calendar - Warmest Wishes) (English Edition)

    You can’t correct the past.Or can you?Stephen’s not proud of who he was back in boarding school—spoiled and a player. Now, at the holiday reunion ten years later, he has a chance to show his former classmates who he really is: out and proud, devoted to helping others, and partnered with Victor.Stephen understands why Victor, who grew up in a poor and abusive household, hates the rich kids at the reunion, but his attitude is ruining everything. Luckily Stephen bumps into Aaron, a former grunge rocker who has also changed. Stephen never forgot their one steamy night together.With the help of three very unusual personifications of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, can Stephen revisit his mistakes and find the happiness that’s eluded him?A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2018 Advent Calendar "Warmest Wishes."

    • ASIN: B07L1QZWDV
  4. Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls: A Memoir (English Edition)

    “Frank and funny and powerful and surprising. An utterly gorgeous debut.”-Lauren GroffOne of the most anticipated books of 2019--Electric Literature, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The Millions, Hyphen, Lit Hub, Nylon, The AV Club, The Advocate, The Rumpus, The Week, Books are Magic, Reading Women, AlmaAcclaimed literary essayist T Kira Madden's raw and redemptive debut memoir is about coming of age and reckoning with desire as a queer, biracial teenager amidst the fierce contradictions of Boca Raton, Florida, a place where she found cult-like privilege, shocking racial disparities, rampant white-collar crime, and powerfully destructive standards of beauty hiding in plain sight.As a child, Madden lived a life of extravagance, from her exclusive private school to her equestrian trophies and designer shoe-brand name. But under the surface was a wild instability. The only child of parents continually battling drug and alcohol addictions, Madden confronted her environment alone. Facing a culture of assault and objectification, she found lifelines in the desperately loving friendships of fatherless girls. With unflinching honesty and lyrical prose, spanning from 1960s Hawai'i to the present-day struggle of a young woman mourning the loss of a father while uneart...

    • ASIN: B07MM8S27N
  5. Boca Raton (English Edition)

    Urban sprawl has expanded the South Florida populace right up to the boundaries of the Everglades, one of the most unique and forbidding wildlife refuges on Earth. Now there's a savage new predator loose out there, one that is motivated by hunger, and does not discriminate between species when hunting for prey. It lurks within easy striking distance of homes, schools, and parks and is nearly as fearsome as the sinister forces responsible for it's being there. Normally the most excitement Frank Day encountered was riding with one of his driving school students in rush hour traffic. But that is going to change. The unthinkable is about to become real, including new revelations with regard to what happened to his brother on 9/11. Boca Raton is a story about terror, treachery, and truth, in a sub-tropical setting.

    • ASIN: B013KAQZGE
  6. Florida's Fossils (English Edition)

    For 50 million years Florida was home to hordes of strange and wonderful animals. Their remains accumulated in rivers, springs, and oceans. Today fossilized bones and teeth wash up along streams, banks, and beaches and lie in limerock quarries. This guide teaches how and where to hunt fossils—with maps, means of identification, and the history of these fossil treasures. Complete, accurate, and fully illustrated, including an outstanding identification section.

    • ASIN: B07GRGYL8Z
  7. Yard Goat (A Brad Frame Mystery Book 7) (English Edition)

    Joel Driscoll, a buddy of Brad Frame since middle school, draws him into the hunt for a missing person. Against the backdrop of a nation reeling from the 9/11 attacks, Brad’s quest finds marital infidelity, a tangled web of betrayal from a business rival, and a murder in which the prime suspect has been framed. This case puts Brad and his young career to the test, pushing the limits as he butts heads with the police.

    • ASIN: B076HT1Q5M
  8. Tot WOO697 Friends Collection Kinder-Bücherregal, Weiß/Rosa/Violett

    Mit ihrem Buch mit dem Gesicht nach außen in diesem tot Tutors Freunde Kinder Bücherregal, Ihre Kinder werden Freude bei der Auswahl, was zu lesen. Diese Platzsparend und lustiges Buch Rack ist aus stabilem Holz in weiß und beinhaltet vier Stoff Taschen sortiert in pink und lila. Über die tot Tutors tot Tutors ist ein privates Designer und Hersteller von Kinder-Möbel-1980 gegründet. Sie sitz aus Boca RATON. Tot Tutor baut Kinder-Sitzgarnitur, Spielzeug Veranstalter, Bücherregale, Bau, Tische und Spielsachen, dass sind so konzipiert, dass Sie den höchsten Standards und erfüllen strenge Tests, und Sicherheitsbestimmungen. Their Children 's Möbel ist sowohl unterhaltsam und praktisch. Diese ist für Kinder, die gerne bauen, Farbe, lesen oder just be Silly gemacht. Abmessungen: 25 W X 11D x 24 in. Fach Maße (einzeln): 24 W x 1.5D x 6H in.. Robuste Holzwerkstoffe. 4 Nylon Fabric Tuch Taschen in verschiedenen Farben. Weiße Holzoptik. Für Kinder 3 und älter.

    • Color: White/Pastel
    • Brand: Tot Tutors
    • ASIN: B003R50PL4
    • UPC: 041869856056
  9. Betrayed in Boca Raton (Libros de Amor Book 4) (English Edition)

    A long denied love…Danielle has been in love with Miguel since she met him at a friend’s wedding. Their brief conversation sparked an intense attraction. Too bad Miguel has the reputation for breaking hearts. Determined, Danielle plans a seduction and hopes to get pregnant during the fling. Then, when Miguel says goodbye—as he inevitably does to his lovers—she will have a precious keepsake: a child by the man she has come to love deeply.A plan gone awry…Things don’t quite work out the way Danielle expected, and when Miguel finds out what she was planning, he is furiously angry with her. Despite his reputation as a casual sex kind of man, Miguel felt something more for Danielle. Until he realized she’d betrayed his trust. Now he has to question everything about their relationship – including his growing feelings for her.Will Miguel’s love for Danielle prove strong enough to forget her deception?

    • ASIN: B00JH6N87K
  10. Bubble in the Sun: The Florida Boom of the 1920s and How It Brought on the Great Depression (English Edition)

    Christopher Knowlton, author of Cattle Kingdom and former Fortune writer, takes an in-depth look at the spectacular Florida land boom of the 1920s and shows how it led directly to the Great Depression.The 1920s in Florida was a time of incredible excess, immense wealth, and precipitous collapse. It was the largest human migration in American history, far exceeding the settlement of the West. It spawned the suburbs as we know them and the first large-scale assault on the environment in the name of “progress.” Thousands flocked to the grand hotels and new cities rose rapidly from the teeming wetlands. Nowhere was the glitz and excess of the Roaring Twenties more blatant than in Florida. It was Vegas before there was Vegas; gambling was legal and so was drinking (prohibition was not enforced). Tycoons and celebrities flocked to this new frontier. Yet, the import and deep impact of this historical moment has never been explored thoroughly until now. In Bubble in the Sun Christopher Knowlton shows us the grand artistic and entrepreneurial visions behind Coral Gables, Boca Raton, Mar-a-Lago, Miami Beach, and other storied sites. It was a time when the nightlife raged more raucously than anywhere else in America; workers, mostly black, who built and maintained the boom endured griev...

    • ASIN: B07TH9YHNL
  11. Spies, Root Beer, and Alligators: Phillip's Great Adventures (English Edition)

    Adam was on his bike headed toward the beach in Boca Raton, Florida, to look for treasures washed up by the waves. Instead, he bumped into Dr. Phillip Baker, a man who enchanted him with talk of adventures growing up on the same beach during World War II. He told Adam of German spies taking up residence in an unoccupied house, of being caught by military police at a secret army post, of a giant alligator being delivered to city hall, and of the hunt for a monstrous devil fish. Adam found his treasure, though it was not what he expected. This gem is filled with amazing, hair-raising adventures of life in the small town of Boca Raton during the war years and is of interest to any reader young or old.

  12. Boca Undercover (The Dirty Harriet Mystery Series Book 4) (English Edition)

    Patients at a posh Boca Raton rehab center are ending up stiffer than a Boca babe's smile. Tough PI Harriet Horowitz, once a bedazzled babe herself, signs in at The Oasis at the request of a frightened friend. As a pattern emerges in the murders, it's clear the killer is targeting patients with an unusual addiction. How did they end up with the same drug problem at the same time and in the same rehab together? Harriet's sleuthing leads her down a path of secrets and danger, and what she learns could lead her undercover assignment to a dead end. Miriam Auerbach is the author of a satirical mystery series set in Boca Raton, Florida and featuring Harley-riding, wisecracking female private eye Harriet Horowitz. Her debut novel, Dirty Harriet, won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best First Series Romance. Miriam can only assume that this is because the heroine kills her husband on page one. In a parallel universe, Miriam is known as Miriam Potocky, professor of social work at Florida International University in Miami. She lives in South Florida with her husband and their multicultural canines, a Welsh Corgi and a Brussels Griffon. Visit Miriam at

    • ASIN: B00P2WL8KM
  13. The GE Work-Out: How to Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for Busting Bureaucracy & Attacking Organizational Proble (English Edition)

    Famous "Work-Out" change-management tool explained by the people who helped develop it. GE's legendary Work-Out program played a key role in the company's phenomenal success over the past decade and has been implemented in many other organizations. Now three executives and consultants who developed the original Work-Out approach at GE­­often working directly with CEO Jack Welch­­discuss the inner workings of Work-Out and their experiences at successfully implementing the program at GE. Filled with effective assessment and decisionmaking tools, The GE Work-Out provides concrete and realistic guidance for anyone who wants to implement Work-Out and break down bureaucracy and hierarchy within an organization.

    • ASIN: B000QUCO9Y
  14. A Net Full of Tails (English Edition)

    Thrilling tales, including close encounters with sharks, chasing snook, and lightning that nearly cost him his life. According to Tom Greene: "For me, fishing is a way of life. I've had unbelievable experiences, met incredible people, and built a successful business. I've loved sharing my real-life 'fish tales' with my family, friends and fishing buddies. Now I hope all of those who share my passion for fishing will enjoy this first volume of stories and maybe even learn a thing or two."

    • ASIN: B0081AIW10
  15. The Impossibility of Religious Freedom: New Edition (English Edition)

    The Constitution may guarantee it. But religious freedom in America is, in fact, impossible. So argues this timely and iconoclastic work by law and religion scholar Winnifred Sullivan. Sullivan uses as the backdrop for the book the trial of Warner vs. Boca Raton, a recent case concerning the laws that protect the free exercise of religion in America. The trial, for which the author served as an expert witness, concerned regulations banning certain memorials from a multiconfessional nondenominational cemetery in Boca Raton, Florida. The book portrays the unsuccessful struggle of Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish families in Boca Raton to preserve the practice of placing such religious artifacts as crosses and stars of David on the graves of the city-owned burial ground. Sullivan demonstrates how, during the course of the proceeding, citizens from all walks of life and religious backgrounds were harassed to define just what their religion is. She argues that their plight points up a shocking truth: religion cannot be coherently defined for the purposes of American law, because everyone has different definitions of what religion is. Indeed, while religious freedom as a political idea was arguably once a force for tolerance, it has now become a force for intolerance, she maintains. A ...

    • ASIN: B0794J3N5F
  16. The Ponce de Leon of Boca Raton (To Live Forever) (English Edition)

    This tale is a fast moving adventure involving a cast of seniors who journey from the sculptured lawns of Boca Raton, Florida to the heart of a steaming rainforest in the war torn African country of The Congo. This short novel is a must read for those of us who long to live well beyond our expected life span. The saga begins in 1938 when Dr. Avram Grossmann leads a team of researchers deep into the rainforest within the Congo jungle known by the natives as Mimbayu. Around a dark blue pond in Mimbayu, Dr. Grossmann and his team observe a wide assortment of animals eagerly ingesting clods of red mud from the banks and bottom of this remote pond. Convinced the pond mud contains important medicinal properties, he collects a kilo of the red substance so he can analyze it when he returns to Berlin. In Berlin, Dr. Grossmann is incarcerated by the Nazis but manages to send his daughter, Greta, to safety in America. He packs his kilo of red mud into her belongings and tells her to analyze the ingredients in the clay because he is certain the clay contains vital healthful elements.Many decades later Greta, the resident health guru in her condo, holds sick calls for her neighbors and frequently dispenses a few grains of red powder to select "patients." She receives remarkable resul...

    • ASIN: B007HUN3UU
  17. The Boca Raton Resort & Club: Mizner's Inn (Landmarks) (English Edition)

    The Boca Raton Resort & Club, originally known as the Cloister Inn, was designed by famed Palm Beach architect Addison Mizner to house prospective investors in his plannedBoca Raton development. His dream, however, dissolved with the end of the Florida land boom and the 1926 Miami hurricane, as his Cloister Inn was acquired by utilities magnate ClarenceGeist. Geist hired hotel architects Schultze and Weaver to design a major addition to the hostelry. Reopened as the Boca Raton Club in 1930, it became a principal employer and theprimary tourist attraction in Boca Raton in ensuing years, its revival linked in many ways with that of the small community.Join architectural historian Donald Curl as he chronicles the lovely landmark that opened in 1926 as a small inn on Lake Boca Raton and has since become the city's most exclusive destination.

    • ASIN: B00XRHAN28
  18. Who Killed Leno and Louise?: Based Upon the Cold Case Murders of Flamboyant Boca Raton Sculptor Leno Lazzari and his Wife Louise (English Edition)

    Based upon the cold case murders of flamboyant Boca Raton sculptor Leno Lazzari and his wife Louise.Who was it that surprised Leno and Louise in their Boca Raton studio apartment on an early Sunday morning in 1948? Who was it that plugged the flamboyant Italian sculptor and his wife at point blank range with two bullets each from a .38 leaving them dead in pools of blood beside their bed? And who stole all of the artist’s sculptures—works that have yet to be recovered? For over 60 years, the shocking Boca Raton murders lay in cold storage. Now, “Who Killed Leno and Louise?” takes us through the cold case one step at a time and introduces us to the intriguing victims, shady witnesses, dubious suspects, and devious police officials who investigated the crime. From Italian fascist Benito Mussolini to Cuban dictator Batista and his business associate Florida mob boss Santo Trafficante, from high society Palm Beach to law enforcement officials with their own agenda, from jewelry deemed stolen then miraculously reappears to witnesses who are not who they claim to be, this story oozes intrigue at every turn. Who killed Leno and Louise? Why did they do it? Find out in this page-turner that takes the reader on a wild ride with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.THOSE WHO P...

  19. Schools, the Workplace, and Sexual Harassment (English Edition)

    Bar member David C. Slade explores the legal ramifications of two Supreme Court cases, Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, Florida and Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District, both dealing with sexual harassment. Though the same Supreme Court ruled differently in both cases, the decisions sent a clear message to employers in both business and academia. This article is made available by The World & I Online.

    • ASIN: B007VQQZT6
  20. Boca Girl (English Edition)

    New York City will never be the same. Christina Mathews, small town girl from Ohio, captivates The City's upper echelon of advertising with her ingenuity and smile. She develops her career and perseveres over industry crazies. With sexy Will Ashton, Police Officer, by her side, she finds true love along the way with humourous happenings amidst the nouveau riche in Boca Raton, Florida.

    • ASIN: B00513TP84

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Boca Mall

Boca Raton-shops

Boca Raton Mall

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Town Center At Boca Raton Mall

Boca Raton-shops

pretty cool mall in Boca Raton Florida

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Boca Raton shopping center overcome by water

Boca Raton-shops

Boca Raton shopping center overcome by water Subscribe to WPBF on YouTube now for more: Get more West Palm Beach news: Like us: Follow us: Google+:

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Security concerns in Boca Raton shopping center after purse snatching incidents

Boca Raton-shops

Boca Raton police believe the same suspect is behind two different purse snatching incidents. Both happened to women at the Palmetto Square Park shopping center in the same week.

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Family : Shopping in Boca Raton

Boca Raton-shops

http://www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST: Some fun in Boca Raton with family members. If you'd like to receive alerts to interesting articles as well as updates on my latest videos and live webcasts, then please subscribe to my microblog on Twitter! Bookmark my...

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