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  1. Cumberland Community Church

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  2. Conquered: Why the Army of Tennessee Failed (Civil War America) (English Edition)

    Operating in the vast and varied trans-Appalachian west, the Army of Tennessee was crucially important to the military fate of the Confederacy. But under the principal leadership of generals such as Braxton Bragg, Joseph E. Johnston, and John Bell Hood, it won few major battles, and many regard its inability to halt steady Union advances into the Confederate heartland as a matter of failed leadership. Here, esteemed military historian Larry J. Daniel offers a far richer interpretation. Surpassing previous work that has focused on questions of command structure and the force's fate on the fields of battle, Daniel provides the clearest view to date of the army's inner workings, from top-level command and unit cohesion to the varied experiences of common soldiers and their connections to the home front. Drawing from his mastery of the relevant sources, Daniel's book is a thought-provoking reassessment of an army's fate, with important implications for Civil War history and military history writ large.

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  3. The Rag Tag Gang: America's Zaniest College Football Game - Ga. Tech 222, Cumberland 0 (English Edition)

    This is the story of the characters and circumstances surrounding the wildest college football game ever played: Georgia Tech’s 222-0 victory over little Cumberland University on Oct. 7, 1916, in Atlanta. Cumberland dropped football after a disastrous 1915 season in which it was outscored by an aggregate 276-0 in five games. But Cumberland beat the Georgia Tech baseball team 22-0 by illegally using a half dozen professional players. Coach John Heisman, who coached the Tech baseball and football teams, discovered that Cumberland had not formally cancelled its contract to play Tech in football in 1916. Heisman, looking for revenge, insisted the game be played or Cumberland would have to pay Tech a $3,000 forfeit fee (a huge sum at the time). Cumberland wanted to avoid the costly forfeiture fee so it told the school’s young sports team’s managers, George Allen, to somehow come up with a team to play Tech. Allen’s adventures in putting together a bunch of misfits and finding a coach result in some hilarious moments. The game itself also included numerous humorous situations.

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  4. The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood's First Effort to Save Atlanta (Civil War America) (English Edition)

    On July 20, 1864, the Civil War struggle for Atlanta reached a pivotal moment. As William T. Sherman's Union forces came ever nearer the city, the defending Confederate Army of Tennessee replaced its commanding general, removing Joseph E. Johnston and elevating John Bell Hood. This decision stunned and demoralized Confederate troops just when Hood was compelled to take the offensive against the approaching Federals. Attacking northward from Atlanta's defenses, Hood's men struck George H. Thomas's Army of the Cumberland just after it crossed Peach Tree Creek on July 20. Initially taken by surprise, the Federals fought back with spirit and nullified all the advantages the Confederates first enjoyed. As a result, the Federals achieved a remarkable defensive victory. Offering new and definitive interpretations of the battle's place within the Atlanta campaign, Earl J. Hess describes how several Confederate regiments and brigades made a pretense of advancing but then stopped partway to the objective and took cover for the rest of the afternoon on July 20. Hess shows that morale played an unusually important role in determining the outcome at Peach Tree Creek--a soured mood among the Confederates and overwhelming confidence among the Federals spelled disaster for one side and victory f...

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  5. Regenerating Dixie: Electric Energy and the Modern South (Pittsburgh Hist Urban Environ) (English Edition)

    Regenerating Dixieis the first book that traces the electrification of the US South from the 1880s to the 1970s. It emphasizes that electricity was not solely the result of technological innovation or federal intervention. Instead, it was a multifaceted process that influenced, and was influenced by, environmental alterations, political machinations, business practices, and social matters. Although it generally hewed to national and global patterns, southern electrification charted a distinctive and instructive path and, despite orthodoxies to the contrary, stood at the cutting edge of electrification from the late 1800s onward. Its story speaks to the ways southern experiences with electrification reflected and influenced larger American models of energy development.Inasmuch as the South has something to teach us about the history of American electrification, electrification also reveals things about the South’s past. The electric industry was no mere accessory to the “New South” agenda—the ongoing project of rehabilitating Dixie after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Electricity powered industrialism, consumerism, urban growth, and war. It moved people across town, changed land- and waterscapes, stoked racial conflict, sparked political fights, and lit homes and farms....

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#CumberlandMall #Atlanta #CobbCounty Streets Of Cobb County EP017 - "Cumberland/Atlanta, GA"

Atlanta Cumberland

Thank you for watching my SOCC series!

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Cumberland Mall Vlog I Visiting Atlanta, Georgia I DTLR I Visit Flight 23 I #cumberlandmall

Atlanta Cumberland

This video is a vlog that I recorded when I went to Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA. Please consider subscribing to my channel. Leave a like and comment any feedback, questions or anything down below. Beat By: Beatz Era: Follow me on FB/I...

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Atlanta Cumberland

SOUNDCLOUD LINK TO SONG: MUSIC VIDEO, get it to 300k please: INSTAGRAM: Kiss or grab Public interview in Atlanta mall. Shout out MiamiTheKid for the b...

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#CumberlandMall #Cumberland #Atlanta Streets Of Cobb County EP018 - "Cumberland/Atlanta, GA"

Atlanta Cumberland

Thank you for watching my SOCC series!

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Still A Death Trap! Otis Hydraulic Glass Elevator @ Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Cumberland

[Taken on 7-12-14 with Brock's Sketchbook & musicfreakcc] Believe it or not, this elevator is actually FIXED! Solo take of this elevator will be coming up later on this weekend! I'm just glad I got to experience what Conner experienced. Follow ems318 on: Facebook:

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